woman learning about the rehab admissions processMaking the decision to begin the rehab admissions process at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood can be a difficult one. Coming to the decision for yourself means admitting that you have a problem, which is both challenging and humbling. Having to make this type of decision for a loved one can be even more challenging. The compassionate team at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood is here to help you through the rehab admissions process and make the transition as smooth as possible.

The Beginning of the Rehab Admissions Process

The start of your recovery begins by making the decision to get help. From there, research is essential to choosing a rehab facility that suits your needs. Consider the type of substance you use, the length of use, and the types of therapies and services you need. You should also consider the location of the rehab. If you live in Colorado and have responsibilities you can’t put on hold, staying close to home is ideal.

Insurance Verification

A common deterrent of seeking out treatment is finances. Many individuals are nervous about the cost of rehab, which often makes them avoid getting the help they need to recover. Potential out-of-pocket costs put a halt to the rehab admissions process for many prospective clients. However, it is possible that your health insurance coverage includes addiction treatment programs.

In fact, current legislation regarding healthcare requires providers to provide coverage for at least some of adduction treatment. At AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, we work with several insurance providers on a national level to help our clients receive the coverage they deserve. During the rehab admissions process, our specialists help walk you through the rehab insurance verification step to see what coverage is available to you.

What to Expect During the Remainder of the Rehab Admissions Process

During the intake process, our admissions team will ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of the help you need. By asking questions regarding your medical, personal, and family history, we can determine the combination of addiction treatment programs that will suit your needs the best. We often recommend beginning your journey through alcohol or drug detox programs at our facility. This initial step allows your body to safely remove substances from your system, allowing you to focus on the rest of your treatment plan without battling withdrawal.

Our partial hospitalization program tends to be the next step after detox. During this program, clients are able to participate in a range of addiction therapy programs. However, instead of remaining at our facility, they are able to return home in the evenings. This allows them to maintain their family and other responsibilities while still receiving treatment.

An intensive outpatient treatment program tends to act as a step-down program once a PHP is complete. During this step, clients continue to attend therapy sessions, but less frequently. This allows more freedom to attend work or other responsibilities while still receiving the care they need. Group and individual therapy sessions are still maintained during this program.

Options for Aftercare and Alumni Programs

After treatment, some individuals find the transition back home to be quite daunting. It can be challenging to maintain a schedule or structure immediately after leaving treatment. Through our aftercare program, clients still receive the support and guidance they need as they reintegrate back home.

Our alumni program helps keep clients connected with one another after treatment ends. Maintaining this support system helps prevent relapse and keeps clients on their recovery path.

Start Your Journey Today

We strive to make the rehab admissions process as smooth as possible for those entering treatment. If you or a loved one is ready to begin treatment, contact AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood today at (866) 977-8625.