Thinking outside the box is essential in addiction rehab. Case in point is AspenRidge Recovery’s yoga therapy program in Lakewood, CO. Many people believe that substance abuse treatment only involves talk therapy. Here’s why we use yoga and similar modalities to augment these evidence-based treatments.

Talk Therapy as the Gold Standard of RehabYoga Therapy Program in Lakewood CO with yoga for addiction recovery

Yoga for addiction recovery is only one modality that therapists rely on. Others include:

  • Group therapy that encourages joint learning and peer accountability
  • One-on-one psychotherapy for digging deeper into your reasons for falling victim to addiction
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that empowers you to manage mental health conditions you’ve struggled with
  • Trauma therapy, which focuses on removing a significant trigger for chemical dependency
  • Relationship counseling as a tool for eliminating stressors from interpersonal relationships and rebuilding healthy communication

It’s impossible to replace talk therapy as the focal point of evidence-based treatment. That said, as a holistic rehab center, it’s our goal to treat the whole person. Because substance abuse affects your mind, body, and spirit, it’s essential to experience healing on these planes. Yoga for addiction recovery is one of the care approaches therapists use.

More about the Yoga Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO

Yoga is an exercise regimen that requires you to focus. Mind and body work together to achieve the stretches that are part of the positions. A third aspect is the use of proper breathing techniques that support the exercise. Unlike other fitness options, yoga isn’t about speed, strength, or competition.

Rather, you learn to breathe through poses that might make you feel uncomfortable for a moment. Similarly, you become aware of your body’s changing abilities. In this way, yoga is an excellent opportunity for focusing inward, which assists with mindfulness training.

Understanding the Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness training is a way to ground yourself in the here and now. Because many people with addiction problems tend to worry about the future, it’s essential. Similarly, it protects you from dwelling in the past. Therapists frequently combine mindfulness training with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Controlling your thoughts and harnessing the energy of your emotions is essential for healing. Furthermore, the same goes for the connection between the two and your actions. In this way, many program participants already learned to meditate. Specifically, participating in yoga is just a natural outcropping.

Yoga for Stress and Pain Relief in Lakewood, CO

Plenty of evidence suggests that substance abuse is a way for some people to manage stress. However, they never learned healthy ways of dealing with it. Our yoga therapy program in Lakewood, CO teaches stress relief. Moreover, it promotes healthy breathing techniques and stretches that actively counteract physical symptoms of stress.

In the process, many of the aches you feel throughout the day diminish. As a result, you sleep easier at night and feel more relaxed. Many clients report that participating in yoga and meditation spurred them on to eat healthier. In fact, they recognize that yoga is part of a lifestyle change, and they want to keep in step with it.

Almost all rehab program participants continue to practice meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga after graduation. Some decide to join gyms that offer yoga classes. Others do so at home with video guidance they find online. Because it’s so easy to do, you can even do some stretches while you’re at work.

However, before you can benefit from our yoga therapy program in Lakewood, CO, you need to enroll in rehab. Contact AspenRidge Recovery today to talk to an intake specialist. The expert will run an insurance verification and discuss your benefits with you. Dial 866-977-8625 to set up an appointment.