Trauma Therapy Program in Lakewood CO

Perhaps you’ve been through a traumatic event, but the only diagnoses you’ve ever received were for issues such as depression or anxiety. It’s absolutely vital to address trauma and the effect that it has had on your quality of life; especially if you’ve started using drugs or alcohol as a result of that trauma. Getting the counseling and help that you need is so important if you’re going to recover from addiction. If trauma has been a part of your past, it’s not going to be possible for you to heal from your addiction. Read more below to learn about our trauma therapy program in Lakewood CO.

Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we understand how necessary it is to address all of the issues you’re currently facing with regard to trauma and addiction. With the right kind of therapy services, you can begin the process of recovery.

Victim of Trauma and Addiction

trauma therapy program in Lakewood Co with trauma treatment for trauma and addictionIt’s actually quite common for people to be victims of trauma, but not realize it. Maybe you can think of an event in your past that occurred and possibly led to your addiction, or maybe you can’t. There are a number of warning signs you can look for to determine if you might be a victim of trauma. They include:

  • You have a history of feeling sad, hopeless, or tearful. No matter if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol or not
  • Using drugs or alcohol has become a common response for you when you think of painful memories or when you feel anxious.
  • Your moods feel out of control when you’re not using drugs or drinking
  • When certain situations make you feel scared, you rely on substances to cope
  • You’re not able to focus on even simple tasks or projects without drugs or alcohol
  • You are isolated from others because of your substance use
  • Your drug or alcohol use has led to the loss of your home, job, or important relationships
  • Diagnosis of anxiety, depression, or another psychiatric disorder

Many people suffer with trauma and never even mention it to their mental health professionals. They do this for a variety of reasons. For some, traumatic events are tough to overcome. While their conscious minds don’t recall them at all, their subconscious minds do, and their actions (such as with addiction) are affected. If you are, or you think you may be, a victim of trauma, getting the help you need is crucial for your recovery.

EMDR Therapy in Denver, CO as Treatment for Trauma and Addiction

EMDR therapy was developed by an American psychologist, and it’s actually very effective for the treatment of trauma. Specifically, EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It has allowed many people to overcome the devastating effects of trauma since the late 80s. It’s a non-invasive treatment method with eight different phases. Throughout the process, patients are able to recover traumatic memories that may or may not lie hidden in their subconscious, and process them in peaceful ways.

For example, some people struggle with trauma because they were victims of sexual assault. Many of them continually relive these events over and over again. They may blame themselves because they occurred, or they may not realize that the events are in the past without much chance of a recurrence. EMDR allows them to gain the insight they need to begin and continue through the healing process.

Addiction counseling is also very important. However, by adding the element of EMDR therapy to trauma treatment, it maximizes the results.

AspenRidge Recovery’s Trauma Therapy Program in Lakewood CO

Perhaps as you’re reading this, you can identify with one or more of the above warning signs. If you have an addiction and a psychiatric diagnosis, address the traumatic events in your life.

Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we are able to sit down with you and talk about the issues you’ve faced in your life. We can provide you the treatment necessary to help you heal. We specialize in working with patients who have experienced trauma, and we’re confident that we can help you too.

To learn more, please contact us today at 866-977-8625. Our trauma therapy program in Lakewood CO will help you overcome past experiences that affect you today.