Drug addiction takes its toll on relationships. Families are often torn apart by the challenges of one member dealing with a substance use disorder. Just like any mental health disorder, drug addiction interferes with family relationships. Often times loved ones don’t understand what their family member who is struggling with addiction is going through. On the other hand, the person with substance use disorder will sometimes withdraw from family and isolate himself or herself from help. Other families deal with a tumultuous situation when a loved one suffers from an addiction to drugs. Once the person does seek treatment, relationship therapy is a vital step to help repair the family unit.

What is Relationship Therapy in Lakewood, CO?

Relationship therapy, as part of a family therapy program, brings family members together in a non-confrontational setting. A therapist directs the sessions and guides family members to discuss their feelings about how the situation has affected them. During these sessions, members will be able to share how they felt at the time, how they feel now, and what they expect moving forward.

Why is Relationship Therapy Necessary?

a couple participates in a relationship therapy program in Lakewood, COFamilies suffering from a substance use disorder are many times living with a dysfunctional situation. Sometimes mental illness accompanies the drug addiction making communication difficult. In other cases, the person who suffers from an addiction to drugs may resort to lying, stealing, or manipulative tactics to continue doing drugs. This results in tension with the family. In addition, the one member may enable the drug use without meaning to, and then they feel guilty about it later.

Other relationships suffer from some form of abuse. If mental health illness is then exacerbated by drug use, the drug user may become violent resulting in a breakdown of family closeness. Dual diagnosis treatment and relationship therapy can help each family member understand the role of mental illness in recovery. All these issues and more are also addressed during family therapy so that families may mend.

Benefits of Relationship Therapy in Lakewood, CO

A relationship therapy program is beneficial for the entire family. You will learn strategies for communicating more openly with one another so that when problems arise, you’ll know how to deal with them. Your family will also be able to identify and resolve past issues that have put a wedge in the family relationship. By discussing things in a moderated session, you gain clarity and help without the tension and tumult.

Another benefit of family therapy is its ability to help the person with substance use disorder to move on. When there are family problems hindering the flow of communication or blocking the relationship, the person does not feel free to move forward in life. Through relationship therapy and other evidence-based addiction therapies, family members can mend wounds that are still present. Thus, every member of the family moves toward collective healing.

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