Taking the steps to withdraw from drug addiction is monumental and not many people make it that far. If you have taken the step and completed rehab, you are to be commended for the courage and strength it took to accomplish this. However, now that you’ve made it this far, it’s vital to continue your recovery journey with a relapse prevention plan in place. Many people fail to take into consideration the need for relapse prevention measures and then they fall along the way. By participating in a rehab aftercare program in Lakewood, CO, you can live a successful life of recovery without relapsing.

Why is Relapse Prevention Necessary?

therapy group practices yoga and mindfulness as part of relapse prevention plan in Lakewood, COWhen people become sober after attending a rehab program, they feel exhilarated and serene. They may remember very clearly the turmoil and difficulties they had before when they were doing drugs. The thought of going back to that type of life is most likely repulsive to them and it may be frightening, as well. Some people who go through the rehab process had almost lost their lives due to an overdose or narrow escapes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that no one who successfully gets off drugs thinks they will relapse. They feel it’s the last thing they would want to do. However, the reality is that relapse can occur in the strongest of individuals and even after long periods of abstinence.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, approximately 40 – 60 percent of people who get off drugs relapse. This is no different than it is for people who have relapses for other chronic diseases. However, a relapse for a person in recovery could prove deadly because their system will no longer be tolerant of the drug. Therefore, a small dose could be deadly. Thus, a relapse prevention plan is vital.

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Most drug addiction treatment centers have some type of rehab aftercare program that addresses relapse prevention. These aftercare programs are a way for people with substance use disorder to connect and stay in touch with the resources they need to stay strong. Regular meetings, gatherings, and activities as part of a rehab alumni program in Lakewood, CO help participants unite around a common goal.

Members can encourage one another during regular activities and help sustain each other around the holidays. Many aftercare programs offer weekly meetings for group time to discuss any challenges members may be having. These meetings and activities are a lifeline for many who may find it difficult transitioning back into the real world after rehab.

In addition to having time with others during group sessions, you will also benefit from continuing participation in therapy. During these addiction therapy sessions, you can discuss some of the triggers you are facing and find resources to resist them. Your therapist will teach you techniques for facing cravings as well as trigger situations so that you gain strength over time instead of falling under pressure.

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