Everyone has particular basic needs. But during addiction, you do not meet your own needs or those of people you love. This makes AspenRidge Recovery’s reality therapy program an essential part of your recovery. You must learn how to fulfill your own needs in a healthy way, so you can enjoy positive relationships with others and the life you truly want. 

Your reality therapy program is part of life skills training in Lakewood, CO, at AspenRidge Recovery. These programs make up some of your individualized treatment plans, along with behavioral therapies, individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. By learning life and coping skills like these, you also set yourself up for a smoother transition to long term sobriety.

What is a Reality Therapy Program?older male doctor talks to male patient about a reality therapy program

Your reality therapy program is one type of psychotherapy, a talk therapy. It forms around your basic psychological needs, those you share with everyone else. As part of these, you need survival, freedom, power, fun, belonging, and also love. Dr. William Glasser developed this therapy in the 1960s according to his “choice theory.” 

The choice theory is the belief that you choose how to behave. These choices either lead to satisfaction of one or more of your five needs or leave these unfulfilled. Your attempts to meet your needs can also prove ineffective or unhealthy. 

Unlike many other forms of talk therapy, your reality therapy for addiction is not related to whether you have a mental illness. Instead, it focuses on your basic life needs of right now. This means you do not dig into your past or try to understand your situation in these sessions. The easiest definition for your reality therapy program is that of learning to make the right life choices.

By making good choices, your life naturally improves. You solve problems better, enjoy healthier relationships, and achieve your goals.

How Reality Therapy Works

Reality therapy for addiction encourages you to find solutions within your direct control for the problems you face. You focus on not blaming others or your environment when things go wrong. You also stop trying to use tactics of addiction, such as trying to manipulate others to get what you want. 

Some of the positive outcomes of your reality therapy program in Fort Collins, CO include the improvement of symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. This therapy also helps with coping during sudden life stress and challenging situations, such as health problems or loss of a loved one. You gain benefits in your relationships and behaviors, too. 

Your reality therapy program in Fort Collins, CO improves your problem-solving skills, self-awareness, personal responsibility for life choices, sense of empowerment, self-confidence, and self-esteem. You handle adversity better and build a greater understanding of what you can control in your life, as well as what you cannot. Through your reality therapy for addiction, you learn to stop dwelling on your past and worrying about your future. You live more comfortably in the here-and-now.

Where to Find Reality Therapy in Colorado

A reality therapy program in Fort Collins, CO takes place at AspenRidge Recovery. This one aspect of your treatment at AspenRidge joins with other types of treatment and therapies for a complete, individualized treatment plan. Your treatment plan possibly also includes:

Your AspenRidge Recovery treatment takes place in the beautifully serene Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where fresh air and mountain scenery inspire you toward better health and happiness. Here, you gain a real fresh start. This new beginning is born from your desire to put addiction behind you once and for all, as well as in individualized treatment meeting your unique needs. Whether you need dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders of addiction or face treatment for substance abuse alone, you start building a better future at AspenRidge Recovery.

Contact AspenRidge Recovery now at (866) 977-8625 for insurance verification and a free addiction assessment. Through a reality therapy program and the therapies you need, your best days are ahead. Call AspenRidge Recovery and learn more about your journey to the future you truly want.