Narrative therapy helps you separate your identity from your problems. Through a narrative therapy program, your therapist helps you to get some distance from your problems to protect you from their destructive characteristics. Once you get away from your problems, you can have a whole new perspective on your life.

Narrative therapy is part of our psychotherapy program in Lakewood, CO at AspenRidge Recovery. We offer it for clients who want to rewrite their story and start fresh with a clean slate. You can’t change what you have done in the past, but you can change your present and your future.

This woman is improving herself and her life through a narrative therapy program in Lakewood, COWhy A Narrative Therapy Program For Addiction Works

At one time or another, we all define our lives by the amount of pain or drama we experience at any given point. When we say things such as, “The struggle is real” – even when we are joking around – we create a context for our lives. Some of us are so steeped in the struggle that we can’t imagine what our lives would be like without some type of drama.

This is why it is so easy for drug and alcohol addiction to be added to our struggles. It is just another form of pain that we identify with. We are highly connected to the anxiety, depression, problems in our relationship, and other issues that come with addiction.

Rethinking Your Life

This is why narrative therapy can be such a powerful form of treatment for addiction. It helps you to rewrite the book on your life. You go from associating with the struggles, problems, and pain to associating with who you really are, what you are capable of, and the true meaning of your life.

Narrative therapy puts you in an entirely different arena psychologically, physically, and spiritually. When you begin to withdraw from all of the negative elements in your life, then your behaviors also change. This leads to real recovery that is sustainable. It also helps you deal with what is going on inside you that led to your addiction.

What to Expect During Narrative Therapy in Lakewood, CO

At AspenRidge Recovery, we use narrative therapy to assess where you are at mentally or emotionally. At our Lakewood, CO alcohol detox center and drug detox center, you can guide the conversation and choose any topic you want. After a few conversations, we can determine if you are still connected to your problems – most importantly, your addiction or mental health issues.

We then redirect you to discuss more positive things in your life. This can include funny stories from your past, something you are proud of, or what you have accomplished in your recovery. The purpose is to redirect your mindset from negative beliefs, patterns, and thoughts to a more positive outlook that leads to more positive behaviors.

What Does Your Narrative Therapy Program Include?

Narrative therapy is one element in a psychotherapy program. By itself, narrative therapy will probably not help you end your addiction. When combined with other types of treatment, however, narrative therapy can serve as a powerful supplement to your treatment plan.

At AspenRidge Recovery, we utilize a narrative therapy program for addiction in combination with other types of treatment such as:

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