Naltrexone is a powerful ally in the fight against chemical dependency. AspenRidge Recovery offers a well-supervised naltrexone therapy program in Lakewood, CO. It gives hope when you don’t think you can stay away from alcohol or opioids. Here’s how participation in the program could change your life.

What is Naltrexone?Naltrexone shot in our Naltrexone Therapy Program in Lakewood CO

Available as a Revia or a Vivitrol overdose reversal shot, naltrexone is the active ingredient in these prescriptions. It shows promise in protecting the early sobriety of people struggling with addiction to alcohol or opioids. A naltrexone shot blocks opioid receptors. Therefore, it renders these drugs ineffective.

Furthermore, it has the power to curb the cravings for alcohol or opioids. In simplest terms, the medication prevents the experience of a high. As a result, there’s little reward in taking the drugs from which you want to recover. That said, our naltrexone therapy program in Lakewood, CO, shouldn’t stand alone.

A Naltrexone Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO, Is Part of Detoxification and Rehab

Suffering from addiction doesn’t have to continue. However, naltrexone treatment alone won’t resolve your chemical dependency. In contrast, the combination of detoxification, rehab, and aftercare could help you overcome addiction. At AspenRidge Recovery, therapists put together a program that focuses on helping you.

For example, modalities include:

  • Inpatient treatment without a minimum length requirement, which enables you to stay from three to six months
  • Personalized treatment plan development that hones in on your unique needs and preferences
  • 12 Step program participation, which begins relapse prevention training early on in recovery
  • Group therapy for trauma treatment, family therapy, and similar therapeutic interventions
  • Approximately 30 hours of therapy each week, which helps you focus your attention on social, coping, and life skills development
  • Dual diagnosis therapy programs that address care needs for mental health problems

The road to recovery begins with detoxification. It allows for the safe withdrawal from the drug you deal with. As a result, you beat the physical dependency on the substance. You wake up after about a week in the treatment and realize that you don’t have withdrawal symptoms.

That’s the time to begin the rehab portion of care. AspenRidge Recovery therapists guide you through the modalities. In the process, you explore why the drug hooked you. Besides that, you develop healthy coping skills that make future substance abuse less likely.

Finally, you enter the aftercare portion of treatment. It’s just as crucial as detox and rehab. Because relapse prevention training starts early, aftercare is a natural outcropping of this program. It teaches you how to protect early sobriety.

Naltrexone and Aftercare

Staying with a regular naltrexone treatment can make it easier to transition back home. You receive the naltrexone shot once a month. Almost all program participants in this modality started this care module earlier. Therefore, you understand what to expect and how the shot makes you feel.

You feel comfortable entering 12 Step meetings after rehab. Similarly, you already talked to your therapist about continuing treatment for a dual diagnosis. If there’s a need for ongoing relationship counseling, caring staff members find you the right professional to assist you. Treatment with the medication may go on for about a year, depending on your needs.

Entering Rehab Today is Possible

Before you can participate in the naltrexone therapy program in Lakewood, CO, you need to sign up for rehab. When you contact AspenRidge Recovery staff members, they’ll conduct an insurance verification for drug rehab. It helps you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Make the call to 866-977-8625 today, and find out how your life could change!