When dealing with drug addiction, you need a comprehensive therapy plan. One therapy is usually not going to be sufficient to bring you through to a place of health and happiness. Many research-proven therapies exist that are effective in treating substance use disorder. A diverse therapy plan in Lakewood, CO, incorporating programs like an acceptance and commitment therapy program and mindfulness based cognitive therapy program, provides comprehensive support. Experience with a variety of therapies offers many avenues of support.

What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy?

man participates in mindfulness based cognitive therapy with clinicianMindfulness based cognitive therapy is an extension of cognitive behavioral therapy, a form of psychotherapy (talk therapy) that works on changing negative thought patterns that people have. The thinking behind this therapy is that negative thinking is often formed from a false belief about oneself or the outside world. The false belief leads to negative thinking cycles, causing people to spiral downward and affecting the mood. This often leads to depression. Once the mood is downcast, then poor choices or unwise behavior soon follows.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a modified form of this therapy. Instead of just examining the thought patterns and questioning their validity, the therapist implements mindfulness based practices to counteract the negativity of your thinking. Therefore, you interrupt the cycle and stop negative moods and behaviors before they occur.

How Does Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Work?

During a mindfulness based cognitive therapy program, the therapist helps you identify the negative behaviors you wish to change. You will also discuss any depression you are experiencing and then trace it back to thought patterns that contribute to the cycle. This is just the identification phase of therapy. Next, the therapist will teach you the tools you need to fight off negativity when it occurs.

Some of the techniques that you’ll learn when false thinking threatens to overwhelm your mind are meditation, breathing techniques, and relaxation. By focusing and concentrating on these techniques, you will be better able to resist depression before it strikes. This therapy is also helpful in treating people with substance use disorder because many people with depression turn to drugs for solutions. Mindfulness techniques, which can be further explored in meditation therapy programs in Lakewood, CO, can help reduce cravings.

Finally, mindfulness based cognitive therapy is usually conducted in group sessions. During the group sessions, the therapist will teach the strategies participants can use when facing an overwhelming situation. Furthermore, these techniques may be used whenever trigger scenarios arise or emotional issues become overwhelming. Participants may practice the techniques of mindfulness during the session thus making them more adept at performing it.

Introducing AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

At AspenRidge Recovery, you will discover a compassionate staff waiting to guide you to health and wholeness. We use and practice mindfulness based cognitive therapy techniques. Our patients learn the skills and strategies to fight off depression and cravings for drugs. Our accredited center uses evidence-based addiction therapies so you know that results are forthcoming.

At AspenRidge, you will feel like a member of the family as the welcoming staff and other members take you in. Our serene setting provides a lovely backdrop to begin your healing journey.

Additional addiction therapies you may encounter during treatment can include:

Don’t let addiction control your life. You can overcome your addiction with help from mindfulness based cognitive therapy and quality addiction treatment. Contact AspenRidge Recovery for insurance verification at (866) 977-8625, and begin the path to a healthy and vibrant new you.