Recovery always proves challenging. It causes its own stress as you deal with cravings, healing relationships, and clean-up of other damages left by addiction. But meditation learned in rehab helps you deal with this new type of stress. Your meditation therapy program in Lakewood, CO improves your life in many ways, well beyond issues of recovery.

As you walk away from substance abuse, you need new methods for coping with life issues. But your coping skills gained in rehab do not cause more damage, unlike addiction. Meditation for addiction recovery and a yoga therapy program provide some of these skills. It helps you deal with everyday stress, depression, anxiety, and a range of problems.

Thanks to your meditation therapy program in Lakewood, CO, you build resilience and patience in your recovery. You learn to focus on your goals and find yourself hoping for things you want in life. These things become achievable as you more positively and effectively deal with hurdles you face, instead of tearing your life apart.

What is A Meditation Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO?Meditation Therapy Program in Lakewood CO and meditation for addiction recovery

Mindfulness is part of meditation. In a mindful state, you maintain awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and experiences at the present moment. Research proves that using mindfulness with meditation greatly enhances your recovery and helps you avoid relapse.

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of managing your attention. You take on life as an observer of yourself and the world around you. This sounds easy but takes some work to make it automatic. If you start using mindfulness meditation in your life, such as through your meditation therapy program in Lakewood, CO, you experience many daily benefits.

Benefits of mindful meditation overall include:

  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Improved attention and concentration
  • Improved physical health
  • Greater resilience

How Meditation Enriches Your Life

The meditation therapy program can leave a big impact on your daily life. Meditation reduces your anxiety and stress. So this leads you to a reduced likelihood of high blood pressure, heart problems, and illness caused by stress. You also suffer less risk for depression and sleep problems.

in fact, one of the greatest benefits of meditation for people in recovery is resilience. Through resilience, you gain the ability to make it through challenging times and difficult situations without making rash decisions or suffering relapse. Additionally, you completely think things through and effectively adapt to change.

One of the best aspects of meditation is its portability. You can practice it anywhere and at any time. In fact, even when you do not actively practice, meditation continues providing you with benefits. These ongoing benefits relate to the brain changes caused by your focused activity.

A meditation therapy program affects your brain’s amygdala, where your emotional responses begin. This is how these methods bring stress reduction and relaxation with focus. Even when you are not meditating, you feel these beneficial effects. In essence, this type of therapy retrains your brain.

Meditation and Other Therapies for Healthy Addiction Recovery

Meditation for addiction recovery is only one type of therapy. Therefore, you need a mix of methods to achieve long term sobriety and wellness. These therapies take place in a variety of treatment programs at multiple levels of care. Specifically, through insurance verification and an intake assessment by AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, you learn which level of care suits your needs best.

For example, levels of care and associated therapies of AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood include:

AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood’s dual diagnosis treatment offers the hope and healing you need to put addiction and mental health problems behind you. Furthermore, these programs meet your needs through talk therapy, holistic methods, and a meditation therapy program in Lakewood, CO. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood now at 8669778625 to start focusing on a better life.