The lion’s share of your therapy takes place in an office with a therapist. That said, AspenRidge Recovery therapists acknowledge that there’s also plenty of room for group therapy program in Lakewood, CO. It involves you and a few peers who’re in recovery as well. How could participation in this treatment be a game changer for your recovery effort?

Nuts and Bolts of Effective Group TherapyAddiction Recovery Group and Overall Group Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO

A therapist handpicks the members of an addiction recovery group. It typically includes individuals who share similar struggles. Therefore, it’s easy for participants to relate to one another. Most importantly, it ensures that everyone develops a sense of belonging within the group.

Next, the therapist defines the scope of the group’s interactions. Some serve discussion purposes. Others are the backdrops for addiction education. Besides that, some groups focus on social skills development.

Participating in a Group Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO

At first, everyone feels a little awkward. The therapist might introduce some icebreakers. They get conversations going. Next, the therapist might introduce the subject of discussion.

The goal of a good addiction recovery group is to empower members to tackle difficult issues. For some, it’s specifically managing a household. Others struggle with anger management problems. Almost all program participants have to learn to forgive themselves and others.

An easy camaraderie develops between members of a group. Participants benefit from the expertise of those who’ve been there and dealt with struggles they now face. Similarly, it boosts your self-esteem to give feedback and see that others receive it. Therefore, group sessions build your sense of security as well as self-worth.

Another reason for the effectiveness of the group therapy program in Lakewood CO is relapse prevention training. All program participants understand that it’s essential to protect themselves against relapse. An excellent tool is 12 Step program participation during and after treatment. In many ways, the group setting enables you to participate in this aspect of aftercare.

Combining Group Sessions with Other Care Options

AspenRidge Recovery therapists integrate group meetings with other care approaches of an addiction therapy program in Lakewood, CO. Each program participant receives a unique therapy protocol. It ensures relevance for your situation. For example, possible treatments include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy as a tool for changing the way your thoughts, feelings, and actions interact
  • Psychotherapy that focuses on decision-making processes and self-determination skills
  • Dual diagnosis treatment therapy as a way to manage anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns
  • Relationship counseling that focuses on ending codependency habits and enablement overall

By the way, not all group meetings take place inside a room. Some may take place during hiking trips or team-building exercises. Remember that groups are proving grounds for new coping skills. Similarly, they help you relearn social skills you might have lost during years of substance abuse and subsequent self-isolation.

Enroll in Rehab Today

Many people worry that they can’t afford to pay for their recovery needs. They don’t realize that their insurance carriers now treat chemical dependency the way they do other diseases. A drug rehab insurance verification quickly reveals how much your individual plan will pay toward your recovery efforts. Therefore, rehab might be more affordable for you than you might imagine.

Because it’s an investment in your quality of life, it’s an essential expenditure that would benefit you and loved ones. Envision yourself waking up without withdrawal symptoms and going through your day without drug cravings. Find out today how a group therapy program in Lakewood CO could help you turn your life around. Contact AspenRidge Recovery by dialing 866-977-8625 now.