If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, this disease affects your whole family. The same is true for mental health problems. This makes the need for a family therapy program in Lakewood, CO, clear, as part of addiction or mental health treatment. AspenRidge Recovery provides family therapy in treatment, so you and your family recover and build new lives together.

Why Families Need a Family Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO

Facing the daily struggles of addiction and mental health problems in a household brings lasting effects for all members of your family. In fact, family living outside of your home also suffer. The reality of behavioral health problems is one of family dysfunction and repeated patterns for generations to come. That is, unless you get the help you need from a family therapy program in Lakewood, CO at AspenRidge Recovery.Family Therapy Program in Lakewood CO with family counseling

Maybe you think your family suffered few effects of your substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or other disorders. But this holds no truth. Your family worried about you, suffered anxiety and sleeplessness in this concern for your safety and well-being. They constantly feared a knock on the door reporting your demise or other emergency.

Families also struggle with poor communication, abuse, trauma, and other problems that lead to addiction and stem from it. Mental health problems often run in families. Generations of one blood line also suffers the genetic effects and struggles of substance abuse. These problems do not fix themselves.

While seeking addiction or mental health treatment for yourself, your family also needs help and support. Through a group therapy program that includes family counseling, each member of the family gains this help and support. In fact, family counseling brings real, lasting change to families to help them live healthier, happier lives.

Other Important Therapies of Lakewood, CO Treatment

Treatment for addiction or mental health problems in Lakewood includes an array of therapies designed to help you and your loved ones heal. Of course, these therapies focus more on the person suffering from addiction or mental health problems. But at the same time, they help you learn about your disorders and how to maintain lasting recovery.

AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood provides trauma-informed care. So if you suffered trauma in the past or as part of your substance abuse, this treatment helps you cope with symptoms in daily life. It also helps you work past your trauma to enjoy potential for long lasting recovery.

Other therapies that combine with our family therapy program at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood include:

Some of the most important therapies you receive take place one-on-one with your therapist. Others include a group of your peers, with all of you supporting each other toward personal growth and lasting change. In fact, these therapies work together as part of a well-developed treatment plan and alongside family therapy. They work to help you heal, grow, and build recovery from mental health and substance abuse problems.

Receiving the Therapy You Deserve

For the help and healing you need, simply contact AspenRidge Recovery in Lakewood, CO and ask about available treatment programs. Also ask for insurance verification to understand your policy benefits and how they help you gain the treatment you need. Through these benefits, you gain access to individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy program in Lakewood, CO that you need for a better life. Call AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood now at (866) 977-8625.