Your emotions can get you in trouble. They frequently create trigger situations that ultimately result in substance abuse. Because therapists at AspenRidge Recovery understand this struggle, they suggest the dialectical behavior therapy program in Lakewood, CO. Here’s how this program leads to healing.

Emotions Work Against You Without A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Extreme emotional highs and lows create a rollercoaster in your life. Many people with chemical dependency struggle with underlying mental health issues such as depression. They don’t understand why they sometimes deal with extreme mood swings.DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program in Lakewood CO

Similarly, they try to make decisions with their heads, but feelings get in the way. Rather than evaluating a situation prudently, you react emotionally. When things don’t turn out well, you ride the emotional rollercoaster again. It doesn’t take long for you to try to quiet unwelcome thoughts and feelings.

A dialectical behavior therapy program in Lakewood, CO takes you from powerlessness to being in charge. DBT doesn’t ask you to change your personality. Rather, it helps you work with your traits to take charge. Most importantly, it encourages you to change behaviors along the way.

How the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO Transforms You

The initial step in DBT is setting goals. With the help of therapists, you identify areas where emotions wreak havoc. Most importantly, you recognize how feelings relate to substance abuse. For some people, this means looking at stress management and relationships.

Next, you learn how to engage in proper emotions. They aren’t something to fear or avoid. If you self-medicated to numb yourself, you allow feelings to reawaken. Because you work with therapists throughout this process, you’ll understand how to manage them.

Finally, you allow emotions to take a backseat. It’s now time to work on the overall recovery aspect. Typical modalities include:

Trauma Treatment Uses Various Approaches for Additional Recovery Steps

Traumatic experiences can be at the root of intense emotions. Sometimes, they result in a heightened vulnerability without a dialectical behavior therapy program. When it gets to be too much, you might reach for drugs or alcohol. Because you don’t know how to deal with memories and flashbacks, it seems most comfortable.

DBT incorporates trauma treatment so you can process the experience. As you move at your own pace, you learn to deal with emotions and thoughts. You work one-on-one with a therapist. Besides that, there are process groups with peers who are also in recovery.

Through the encouragement of participants, you work through emotions. This treatment goes hands in hand with the skills group you attend. As you see, healing takes place on multiple planes concurrently. Therefore, you experience tremendous personal growth.

Entrust Recovery to Experts in the Field

It’s tempting to try to deal with things on your own. However, you quickly realize that you’re just spinning your wheels. You’ve attempted to cut back on substance abuse before. However, it never really worked.

Now’s the time to give experts during your dialectical behavior therapy program in Lakewood, CO a chance. You learn new ways of handling triggers, coping with stressors, and overcoming self-destructive impulses. Recovery begins with an insurance verification by friendly intake counselors. Contact AspenRidge Recovery at (866) 977-8625 today to start the healing process.