Chemical dependency doesn’t define who you are. It’s a condition that’s currently holding you hostage. However, therapists at AspenRidge Recovery work hard to help you break free. One tool they rely on is a cognitive behavioral therapy program in Lakewood, CO.

Drugs and Alcohol Lied to YouCBT and our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program in Lakewood CO

Initially, the drugs claim that they would help fix your problems. Whether you felt stress, loneliness, weariness, or depression, chemicals promised rest. Others offered to keep you awake. However, there was no real help.

Rather, the drugs manipulated your brain chemistry, which then led to far-reaching problems. Eventually, there’s the addiction you can’t shake. Therefore, AspenRidge Recovery incorporates CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy in its treatment protocols. It’s a powerful tool in the fight against dependency.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program in Lakewood, CO

Thoughts, actions, and feelings interconnect. If there is a bad connection between any of these components, it affects the entire triangle. Therefore, overacting emotions can lead to destructive actions. Similarly, mistaken thoughts can adversely influence feelings.

CBT lets you pinpoint the dysfunction in the various connections. It gives you new reference points to orient your thought patterns. Therefore, you now have the power to make changes to your behaviors. In the process, you learn to accept and evaluate emotions without judgment.

Over the course of the addiction therapy sessions in Lakewood, CO, you become aware of automatic reactions. These routine thoughts, feelings, or actions crop up in certain situations. You recognize the triggers as well as your responses to them. In the process, you change the way that you deal with life.

For example, you might replace negative or self-destructive thoughts with positive ones. It empowers you to take back control of your life. You no longer feel powerless against the drug. Rather, you have the strength to move past cravings, triggers, and stressors.

Adding Other Recovery Modalities As Well

As useful as the cognitive behavioral therapy program in Lakewood, CO, is, it shouldn’t stand alone. Substance abuse responds well to a comprehensive treatment model. Because therapists at AspenRidge Recovery understand this, they incorporate various other therapies concurrently. Examples include:

  • Daily 12 Step sessions that introduce you to a new type of relapse prevention training
  • Masters level clinical care that emphasizes talk therapy as a healing modality
  • Equine therapy for introspection and the development of self-esteem
  • Group therapy that encourages social skills development as well as coping skills practice
  • Family therapy to allow loved ones to participate in your recovery
  • Depression or anxiety treatment programs in Lakewood, CO, for co-occurring mental health disorders

Almost all program participants benefit from life skills training as part of the recovery process. It’s an opportunity to relearn how to care for yourself with healthy food choices and exercise. Similarly, you rediscover how to set boundaries and take time out for yourself. This ability reduces stress, which removes a significant substance abuse trigger.

Some people do well with yoga and meditation. It gives them an opportunity to ground themselves in the present. Besides that, it lets them think through thoughts and feelings before reacting. Best of all, these are activities you can do when you return home.

Recover Through a Mind Change

The cognitive behavioral therapy program in Lakewood, CO, could be what has been missing from your recovery. Don’t continue to suffer in silence when help is readily available at a safe, good-quality facility near you. Getting drug rehab insurance verification will tell you what benefits you can receive under your insurance plan. Contact AspenRidge Recovery at 866-977-8625 to set in motion the plans for your recovery.