AspenRidge Recovery therapists can use prescription medications to ease the pain of withdrawal. Suboxone treatment in Lakewood, CO takes place at the onset of your care. Vivitrol shots in Lakewood, CO help protect your sobriety after program graduation. What would make you a good candidate for these treatments?

How Suboxone WorksSuboxone Treatment Center in Lakewood, Colorado with suboxone therapy

Suboxone is a prescription that combines buprenorphine and naloxone. The resulting medicine can minimize cravings for opioids. Similarly, they can significantly reduce the pain that comes from active withdrawal during detoxification. During the rehab part of treatment, the medicine assists with post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Understanding the Importance of Detoxification

There isn’t much talk about detox. Medical detoxification isn’t a sexy topic. It may include pain, discomfort, and upheaval of bodily functions. That said, it’s the first step for almost all program participants.

Some drugs require medical supervision during detox. Examples include alcohol, opiates, and opioids. Working with our Suboxone treatment center prevents the pain that has become synonymous with opioid withdrawal. Besides that, it enables you to kick the physical habit in about a week.

That’s not a lot of time to invest in ending withdrawal symptoms. Imagine what it’ll be like to wake up in the morning without the gastrointestinal upset. You no longer feel the overwhelming need for an opioid. Most importantly, you can once again think clearly and make your own choices.

Suboxone Treatment in Lakewood, CO Enables Rehab Participation

What so frequently leads to relapse in cold turkey attempts isn’t a moral weakness. It’s not that someone just couldn’t stay away from the drug. Rather, it’s the pain. By day two of cold turkey withdrawal, you’d probably do anything to make it stop.

In contrast, medical detox and Suboxone therapy eliminate these problems. They empower you to stop using. You no longer feel the compulsion to abuse the opioids. You can commit to a program that’ll end the abuse cycle.

What Rehab Looks Like in Lakewood, CO

Most people move from residential detoxification to inpatient rehab. In fact, living at the facility has distinct advantages. For starters, you’re not around peers who might encourage you to use. Similarly, you’re away from triggers and stressors.

At the rehab center, you learn to deal with them. However, at the onset of treatment, you’re not yet ready. That’s okay. You’ll get there.

Everyone takes a different length of time. That’s why AspenRidge Recovery allows for extended stays in our Lakewood, Colorado drug and alcohol detox center. There, you undergo customized care protocols. For example, these protocols include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that lets you replace dysfunctional patterns with healthy coping mechanisms
  • Suboxone therapy that minimizes withdrawal symptoms overall
  • Mental health therapy programs that help you manage co-occurring disorders
  • Neurofeedback therapy as a tool for visualizing your brain’s healing needs and meeting them
  • Aftercare that could involve 12 Step program participation and Vivitrol shots

What Happens If I Don’t Enter Rehab?

Could you stop abusing drugs without undergoing Suboxone treatment in Lakewood, CO? There’s a chance that you’d be able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. However, the odds are against you. Similarly, if you do succeed, the process will be more painful and unpleasant than it has to be.

If you fail, the addiction continues to consume your daily life. Before long, it’ll rob you of your health. You may not realize that you gradually get sicker. Besides that, you might lose relationships and achievements that are important to you.

When you’re ambivalent about entering care at the Suboxone treatment center, investigate your options. For example, ask a staff member to run an insurance verification. Next, contact AspenRidge Recovery at 866-977-8625 to get the facts about Suboxone treatment in Lakewood, CO.