What does chemical dependency have to do with the need for a psychiatric evaluation in Lakewood, CO? In fact, there’s plenty of evidence that connects mental health problems with addiction. By understanding whether this connection exists in your life, AspenRidge Recovery specialists can customize a care protocol for you. Here’s how it works.

A Psychiatric Evaluation Empowers You to Dig DeepOverall psychiatric evaluation and psychological testing and assessment in Lakewood, CO

Maybe you tried to quit using before. You might have tried a number of self-help programs. The problem with these approaches is that they don’t work. Because they don’t offer mental health therapy programs, they only address surface issues.

For example, those programs might have suggested that you stay away from people who abuse drugs. You could have figured that out without the help of the program. What you need to know, however, is what attracts you to the drug in the first place. Maybe a stimulant hooked you.

Now, you can’t envision life without it. Participating in psychological testing and assessment can gauge your stress level. Most importantly, it incorporates personality traits that may combine with your ability to process triggers. Therefore, a therapist receives a much more accurate picture of your psychiatric makeup.

Dual Diagnosis Care as Part of Addiction Recovery

You may have never received a diagnosis of anxiety before. However, it could be part of your mental health. Substance abuse may be little more than an attempt to deal with symptoms through self-medicating behavior. Against this backdrop, many of your thought processes and the ability to handle emotions now make sense.

In contrast, the psychiatric assessment might reveal a struggle with depression. It would explain why you crave the dopamine high. Besides that, it highlights why you take the risks you do at work. Therefore, you’ll need a different type of therapeutic intervention.

There’s Hope in Treatment in Lakewood, Colorado

Experts suggest that one in five Americans struggle with some type of mental health disorder. Few receive treatment. Twenty percent battle with addiction. It’s fair to say that you aren’t alone.

That’s why the psychiatric evaluation at AspenRidge Recovery is essential for your recovery efforts. It allows for targeted therapeutic interventions. Examples include:

  • Process group participation for people with your unique psychological makeup
  • Anxiety or depression management assistance that removes the condition as a trigger
  • Family therapy, which encourages loved ones to gain a better understanding of your struggles
  • Psychotherapy that allows for goal definitions as well as long-term recovery planning
  • Equine therapy, which builds self-esteem and supports life skills training

You also undergo nutritional and general health counseling. Doing so enables you to make changes to your lifestyle after program graduation. Besides that, it introduces you to overall healthy patterns that’ll positively influence your quality of life.

Benefit of A Psychiatric Assessment

Your psychological testing and assessment also provide beneficial information for aftercare. Once you graduate from the program, you may require specific interventions to make the transition home more comfortable. Case in point is the use of Vivitrol shots to protect your new sobriety.

This tool can be a powerful ally in your battle against cravings. Almost all graduates from the problem participate in 12 Step programs. Because of your psychiatric assessment, you may also visit with a therapist outside the facility. It helps you continue your treatment for as long as you need it.

Find out today how a psychiatric evaluation could enable your return to sobriety. When you contact AspenRidge Recovery, an intake specialist will answer your questions. At that time, the expert runs a drug rehab insurance verification report to help you understand your available benefits. Call 866-977-8625 now for immediate assistance.