If you are currently dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction, you have noticed how your dependency has put a strain on your relationships. When combined with a mental health disorder, you may also be experiencing destructive thoughts and behavior patterns that interfere with your family relationships, friendships, and a positive working relationship with your coworkers. If this sounds familiar, then we can help. AspenRidge Lakewood offers relationship healing and recovery from addiction through the process group therapy program at our Lakewood, CO facility.

Through group therapy, we can help you address the negativity in your relationships, as well as your substance abuse issues. To find out more about our group therapy program in Lakewood, CO, call us today. We are here to help you build healthy relationships free of drugs and alcohol.

Discovering Your Social Skills Through Process Group Therapy

people participate in process group therapy during addiction treatment in lakewood coloradoProcess group therapy allows you to explore your social skills as you develop healthy communication in a safe environment. You receive the support you need from trained therapists and other members of the group who can identify with your struggles. Through in-depth, practical activities, you can pinpoint negative patterns and behaviors that stand in the way of mutually beneficial, satisfying personal relationships as well as professional success.

Creating awareness of these negative behaviors enables you to see how they affect those around you. You can also gain insight into experiences that you can learn from to create more meaningful social bonding.

We are here to help you discover your social skills through process group therapy and assist you in the following ways:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Build your self-confidence to spend time around others
  • Reduce the anxiety you feel around people
  • Help you learn how to live in the moment and enjoy the present
  • Identify and eliminate negative thoughts and destructive patterns

Additionally, you can also use our process group therapy program in Lakewood, CO as a part of your overall treatment to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs. Developing healthy relationships allows others to provide you the support you need to get sober and stay sober. Learning positive communication strategies will provide many rewards during recovery and beyond.

Adding Process Group Therapy to Your Recovery Program

While process group therapy is effective in helping you bridge your hurting relationships, it is not effective as a solitary treatment for addiction. Process group therapy works best as a supplement as a part of a more extensive treatment regimen, often engaging other traditional therapies and holistic addiction treatment in Lakewood, CO.

For example, we recommend that you examine all treatment options so you can find the right plan your addiction recovery:

In fact, when combined with core addiction treatment, process group therapy can empower to reengage in society and enjoy long-lasting relationships with those around you.

The Benefits of Group Process Therapy in Lakewood, CO

AspenRidge provides an empathetic and compassionate environment where you can heal. Our highly trained therapists and caring peers understand your struggles. We are here to listen to and to provide insight without pressuring you to engage. Likewise, everyone in your group grows together as each person provides insights from their own experiences.

Also, interacting with others is a great way to develop your social skills and help you overcome your fear and anxiety of being around others. Together we can teach each other how to handle interpersonal situations and develop a new sense of self-confidence, stability, and well-being in our closest relationships.

Contact AspenRidge Recovery About Process Group Therapy

In conclusion, AspenRidge is here to help you with overcome your addiction and struggles in your relationships. Through process group therapy, we provide a path to better living through stronger social skills. To find out more about our addiction treatment programs or ask questions about insurance verification, call us today at (866) 977-8625. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.