Are you looking for a partial hospitalization program Denver residents can come to rely on? If so, look no further than AspenRidge Recovery in nearby Lakewood, Colorado. With our PHP program, you can reinvent your life and make sobriety and overall healing a reality in your life. Read on below and learn more about the benefits of PHP.

What is PHP?

Learn about our PHP partial hospitalization program in Lakewood COOur partial hospitalization program in Lakewood CO gives you the highest quality treatment each and every day. However, you don’t have to live at the facility. You can return to one of our homes.

During the day, you will have a schedule of meetings, therapies, and treatment to ensure you are moving forward and learning in your recovery. If you are part of our in-housing progrmam, you can return to your temporary home after your daily schedule is complete which allows you to tent to your personal and professional matters. Furthermore, you can also begin to practice what you learn during PHP on your own time.

A partial hospitalization program includes the same treatment modalities as that of an inpatient program. The main difference is that you have flexibility in treatment, as many people will not be able to remove themselves from their personal or professional lives for an elongated period of time.

Therapeutic Intervention During PHP

Addiction therapy services are an integral part of the recovery journey. In fact, there are a wide range of therapies we offer at AspenRidge Recovery. For example, these include:

As you can see, we understand that addiction commonly occurs along with a mental illness. Your mental health can be greatly affected by an addiction. Conversely, an addiction can also be a result of a mental illness as a coping mechanism.

With our help, we can identify any underlying mental health concerns that may be attributing to your substance abuse. This is another hallmark of our partial hospitalization program near Denver. As a result, we can address both the addiction and mental illness through dual diagnosis care. This type of care will help you discover which issue came first. Did the addiction lead to a mental illness, or did the mental illness lead to the development of an addiction as a way of self-medicating?

Learn More About Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Lakewood CO

When you begin your search for a partial hospitalization program in Lakewood CO, don’t overlook your specific concerns and needs. Each and every person who is struggling with addiction will have a different experience. Therefore, you need a personal and unique treatment plan. For more information about insurance verification and admissions, contact AspenRidge Recovery today at 866-977-8625. You can bring about real change in your life with our guidance, support, and effective PHP protocols.