Discovering IOP in Colorado

Regardless of how long it’s been since you first started struggling with your addiction, please realize that there are a lot of ways for you to get help. Inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment are both excellent, but many people are beginning to discover IOP (intensive outpatient program), which is a great way to get additional professional support as you recover. Our intensive outpatient program in Lakewood CO may be the perfect treatment option for you.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Colorado

Intensive Outpatient Program in Lakewood CO with intensive outpatient treatment

It’s possible that when you think of drug rehab, you immediately think of inpatient treatment. While this model is good, the reality is that it’s not for everyone. Going to outpatient treatment gives you more flexibility and control over your own recovery. This control will help you completely focus on your recovery without having to worry about your outside responsibilities falling behind.

Perhaps you work full time, or maybe you have a family at home. These are two of the main reasons people put off getting help. Outpatient treatment gives you the ability to get help and still continue with your daily responsibilities.

What Makes IOP so Different?

Intensive outpatient treatment, or IOP, is an option that’s becoming more and more popular in Colorado, and for good reason. Clients participate with their treatment more often during the course of the week. However, they’re still able to go home, go to work or go to school. IOP includes addiction therapy sessions, which are effective in overall recovery.

In fact, many people fail to enter treatment because they need more flexibility in their schedule. This is so they can tend to their daily responsibilities in their personal and professional lives. Whether this is job management, relationships, or family, it’s important for these individuals to have access to their at-home responsibilities. When this is the case, an intensive outpatient program is the best option.

Not only do you receive the same care as an inpatient setting, but you can return home after your daily sessions. Therefore, you can practice what you learn each day and tend to your daily life as well. An IOP setting is best for individuals with less severe addiction histories. If you require detox and around-the-clock medical supervision, it’s best to enter an inpatient or residential program.

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Here at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, our IOP is incredible, and it gives you the flexibility you need during your substance abuse treatment. You’ll receive a personal treatment plan that meets your needs, and you’ll work with some of the best addiction treatment staff in Colorado today. If you would like more information, please contact us at 866-977-8625. Take this opportunity to bring about real change in your life.