Lakewood CO Drug Detox Center

Lakewood CO drug detox center and drug detox programIf you are in need of addiction treatment, it’s vital that you first enter detox. At our Colorado drug detox center, you can completely rid your body of the substance in question in a safe, supportive environment.

In fact, a drug detox program is the first building block t lifelong recovery. This is commonly between five to seven days, but can last longer depending on a few factors. Specifically, these factors include the how long you have been using the substance and how much you intake during each session. The higher your tolerance, the longer it will take your body to return to a normal state without the drug.

What is a Drug Detox Program?

Facing detoxification at home is not a recommendation that you will receive by professionals. This can be a devastating and risky choice. In a Denver drug detox center, you will have around-the-clock medical supervision, therapy, and medication management.

With medication assisted treatment, such as a vivitrol shot, we can minimize the severity of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will differ from one person to the next. Moreover, some may be minor, while others will be overwhelming. With vivitrol and medication management, you won’t have to suffer through the process of detoxification.

Overall, our Colorado drug detox center is equipped to help you wean your body off drugs or alcohol in a safe, secure, and supportive atmosphere. Whenever a need arises, our staff will be there to help you make any adjustments necessary.

Therapy at Our Denver Drug Detox Center

A drug detox program is the foundation to your recovery journey. However, you will need a combination of therapies to and further treatment after detox. This is where many people fall behind in rehab. After detox, they think they are ready to return to daily life without relapse prevention and therapeutic intervention. Don’t make this mistake, which opens you up to early relapse and overdose.

Along with the benefits of our drug detox program, you will also receive invaluable therapy support at AspenRidge Lakewood. For example, these therapies may include:

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Are you ready to leave your addiction behind for good? If so, AspenRidge Recovery in Lakewood, Colorado is here to guide you back to sobriety. Our staff is compassionate about overall wellness and addiction recovery. In addition, we look forward to giving you a new lease on life at our Lakewood drug detox center. For more information about our drug detox program, reach out to our admissions specialists today. You can contact AspenRidge Recovery at (866) 977-8625 to learn more about insurance verification and the intake process.