Cocaine has been part of the illicit drug trade in America for over 40 years. During that time, the drug has claimed more than its fair share of deaths due to overdose. It has also led millions of people down the path of cocaine addiction. In many cases, the individual has learned a valuable lesson about cocaine addiction. If the user decides to suddenly stop abusing cocaine, then the first thing they might have to deal with is withdrawal. Depending on the depth of their addiction, their withdrawal symptoms could be dangerous. That’s why a cocaine detox center and a 90-day drug rehab in Lakewood, CO play such an important role in the cocaine addiction treatment process.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptomsfemale therapist taking notes while talking to a male patient in a cocaine detox center

Rumor has it the cocaine withdrawal symptoms are seldom as devastating as alcohol or opiate withdrawal symptoms. That depends on whose perspective one is taking into account. On behalf of the individual who has to go through cocaine withdrawal, they might beg to differ. In fact, some cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous enough to cause permanent health issues and even death. For anyone who might second guess that, here’s a sample of some of the most dangerous symptoms someone might encounter:

  • Slowed activity or physical fatigue after activity
  • Suicidal thoughts and ideology
  • Vivid, unpleasant dreams or nightmares and hallucinations
  • Severe cramping in the stomach region
  • Chills and tremors throughout the body
  • Increased anxiety
  • Difficulty with concentration and body function

Clearly, none of that seems like much fun. That’s why we always recommend that the cocaine addiction sufferer get help from a top cocaine detox center like our cocaine detox center in Lakewood, CO. With the client’s safety being the number one concern, here’s what someone can expect from a medical detox center.

What Takes Place in a Cocaine Detox Center

Any attempt a client may make to quit “cold turkey” and detox on their own is a formula for disaster. It’s also unnecessary if a cocaine detox center is readily available. In fact, most doctors and addiction treatment professionals would strongly advise against detoxing alone.

In our cocaine detox center in Lakewood, CO, we start with the premise we simply want to monitor the client’s progress. We set them up in a comfortable environment and provide good nutritional support. If they can get through withdrawal with little to no medical intervention, then that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, that’s not how things go as often as we would like. That’s why we always have our medical staff sitting on standby. If the client begins to show signs of distress, then our physician has the option to offer relief medications. They would do this to keep the client safe.

Here’s the thing. More than a few people have aborted the treatment process instead of enduring withdrawal. We cannot let that happen. We feel we have an obligation to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible until they clear withdrawal. If we can get them that far, then they can start therapy with a clear mind and better ability to focus. A successful stint in a cocaine detox center increases the chances of a successful overall treatment process.

AspenRidge Recovery – Our Methods

We have been treating all kinds of substance abuse issues for a while now. What we have learned is we need to treat more than the addiction. We must treat the whole client, which is exactly what we do with cutting edge treatment methods. Whether it’s standard care or our 90-day drug rehab in Lakewood, CO option, our strong results come because of the following services:

When you are done living with your cocaine addiction, you need to come see us. After helping with your insurance verification, we’ll get you into our cocaine detox center and move you through treatment. If you’ll contact AspenRidge Recovery at [direct], we’ll help you in this battle. At the end of the day, you can leave rehab with a recovery that will last your lifetime.