AspenRidge Lakewood offers Campral treatment to help you control your desire to drink alcohol. This medication helps regulate your nervous system excitability and calms your nerves during stressful moments or when you have cravings that you have a difficult time overcoming. Campral treatment can help significantly when used alongside traditional therapies. A Campral treatment program in Lakewood, CO, as well as medication from an Antabuse Treatment Center, are avenues worth exploring when looking for alcoholism therapy and treatment.

The FDA has approved Campral as a safe drug to take for alcoholism treatment. You take it three to four times per day, depending on your weight. The medication comes in the form of delayed-released tablets. It takes five to seven days for the drug to build up a stable concentration in your body. From that point forward, you should start to feel the positive effects.

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Your Brain’s Chemical Reaction to Campral Treatment

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When you suffer from long-term or chronic alcohol abuse, eventually your brain undergoes changes, leading to a chemical imbalance. This chemical imbalance can lead to poor decision-making, depression, anger, fatigue, anxiety, lack of motivation, or other mental issues. A medical detox program in Lakewood, CO can help you stop drinking, but further treatment is often necessary to treat the roots of alcoholism.

Additionally, Campral can restore chemical balance in the brain. It can help your brain start working normally again by correcting the underlying neurochemical changes caused by chronic drinking. By restoring your chemical balance, you now have a stronger mindset to quit drinking.

Campral Treatment As a Part of Your Recovery Program

Although Campral treatment can curb your desire to drink, it is most effective when combined with your overall treatment program. Campral medication is an excellent supplement to primary therapy, such as:

Also, you should go through insurance verification to find out if the treatment is covered under your current plan. If you have any questions about insurance verification, then contact AspenRidge Lakewood. We can answer your questions about insurance coverage.

Is Campral Medication Addictive?

You do not have to stop using Campral after you have stopped drinking. The drug does not contain any addictive substances. It is also not harmful and it is almost impossible to overdose on the drug as well.

However, if you have a strong support system in place to quit drinking, then we recommend that you stop taking the drug once you have stopped drinking. You can cease taking the drug immediately without tapering off. You will not feel any side effects once you stop.

Are There Any Side Effects to Campral Treatment in Lakewood, CO?

One of the most common questions we get from our patients is about the side effects of Campral treatment. Common side effects of Campral medication include:

  • Digestive discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety and insomnia
  • Sweating

Generally speaking, the good news is that these symptoms generally disappear after you take the drug for one to two weeks. Although it is extremely rare, you may experience suicidal thoughts within the first few days of taking the medication. Other known side effects include possible allergy or rash.

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