With the opioid epidemic showing no signs of ending, addiction treatment specialists seek healthy ways of helping people end their dangerous addictions. One of the latest advancements in treatment for opioid addiction is the prescribed medicine buprenorphine. The buprenorphine treatment program in Lakewood, CO, at AspenRidge Recovery uses this FDA-approved drug to help people achieve recovery.

Are Buprenorphine and Suboxone the Same Medication?Buprenorphine Treatment Program in Lakewood, CO with a buprenorphine therapy patch

Many people confuse buprenorphine and Suboxone. But these two drugs work differently as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Both treat opioid addiction and help people end their dependence on these deadly drugs like heroin, morphine, prescription painkillers, and fentanyl.

Buprenorphine therapy involves the use of buprenorphine only. However, Suboxone treatment in Lakewood, CO, combines buprenorphine with another drug called naloxone. Your addiction specialist in your buprenorphine treatment program in Lakewood, CO helps you decide which method of medication-assisted treatment best suits your opioid recovery needs.

Buprenorphine therapy activates your brain’s opioid receptors just like the drugs you abuse, but only to an extent. This means the opioid agonist provides low-level effects like your drug to prevent withdrawal symptoms, but without providing a high. So using this medication in treatment helps you avoid feeling ill from withdrawal and craving your drug. You can focus on rehab treatment and avoid deadly relapse, thanks to this supervised MAT.

The downside of buprenorphine is its potential for addiction. Like with other opioids, unsupervised use of the medication can lead to dependence and even overdose. But when you receive treatment through a buprenorphine treatment program in Lakewood, CO at AspenRidge Recovery, you stay safe and comfortable throughout your rehab program. One safe option is through the use of a buprenorphine patch, giving you only the amount of medication you need.

Suboxone combines buprenorphine and its benefits with the drug naloxone. Naloxone blocks the effects of opioid drugs. So this additional medication keeps you from abusing Suboxone because it prevents overuse from providing a buprenorphine high. In essence, adding naloxone to buprenorphine offers safer treatment for people using the medication without supervision.

Buprenorphine Treatment Program in Lakewood, CO

No cure exists for opioid addiction. The same is true for any type of addiction. The only pathway to recovery is through detox and rehab treatment. Sure, the buprenorphine patch or other forms of this medication help you get sober and stick to recovery. But inevitably, you have to learn to stand strong against your own substance abuse problems.

You learn how to maintain your recovery in rehab treatment. This treatment must include an array of therapies according to your own unique treatment plan. If you suffer a co-occurring mental health problem, dual diagnosis rehab treatment helps you heal from both conditions at once. You also gain coping skills to maintain wellness and prevent relapse.

Accessing Lakewood, CO Rehab Treatment Programs

When you feel ready for buprenorphine treatment, you need to seize the moment. Feeling motivated is one of the best reasons for entering medical detox and a quality rehab program.

Of course, you likely fear the financial aspect of rehab. But AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood helps you understand your insurance benefits and what your policy covers. This information comes from insurance verification. All you need to do is to contact AspenRidge Recovery and ask about your policy’s coverage.

Programs and methods of AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood include:

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