Every day of research brings potential advancements for addiction treatment closer to actual practice. But today, we have the benefit of treatment methods not available in the recent past. Once such advancement is an Antabuse treatment center. Therefore, what is Antabuse and how does it help people recover from alcohol addiction?

Antabuse, called disulfiram in its generic form, helps people quit drinking by causing negative effects if they consume alcohol. This prescribed medication is available through an alcohol detox center in Lakewood, CO which provides Antabuse treatment for alcoholism, the first such drug approved by the U.S. FDA.

How Antabuse Treatment Works

Drinking alcohol leads to your body’s metabolism of the substance into acetaldehyde, a toxin causing hangover symptoms. The symptoms go away as your body further breaks down the acetaldehyde into acetic acid, a substance that proves harmless. But when you use Antabuse, the medication stops this process at the acetaldehyde stage. Because the toxic substance does not break down into acetic acid, it builds up in your body to extremely high levels.

Learn About Our Antabuse Treatment Center for Alcoholism

Concentrated acetaldehyde in your system causes highly unpleasant symptoms. Depending on how much alcohol you drink and how much Antabuse you used, you suffer ill feelings as long as the alcohol stays in your body.

Symptoms of alcohol use without Antabuse treatment include:

  • Flushing, sweating, and thirst
  • Nausea and extreme vomiting
  • Head and neck throbbing and headache
  • Breathing difficulty, chest pain, and heart palpitations
  • Low blood pressure and hyperventilation
  • Anxiety, weakness, and vertigo
  • Blurred vision and confusion

The above symptoms are not the worst effects of drinking while on Antabuse. Fatal effects can occur with severe reactions from excessive consumption of alcohol. The best results come from people in Antabuse treatment for alcoholism. Moreover, those taking part in a PHP or IOP alcohol addiction treatment program.

Despite resulting ill effects, Antabuse does not keep you from drinking. You must make that decision for yourself. For most people, the symptoms of drinking while using this medication do not justify breaking sobriety.

On Antabuse you still suffer alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptoms. But for those with a difficult history of relapse or long term alcohol dependence, Antabuse offers a greater chance for maintained sobriety, particularly when taken in Antabuse treatment for alcoholism.

Will an Antabuse Treatment Center Work for Me?

Antabuse helps people quit drinking when they continue taking the medication as directed. But because it comes in pill form, many people stop taking their Antabuse at will so they can drink. This is why the best outcome takes place in an Antabuse treatment center for alcoholism, such as AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood.

If you want to try Antabuse to quit drinking, seek help from an Antabuse treatment center. These centers, such as AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, provide the right mix of therapies and treatment methods as part of individualized care. This is the safest place to try this helpful medication.

Therapies and other treatments you need alongside Antabuse include:

Getting the Help You Need In the Scenic Rocky Mountains

In the serenely beautiful Rocky Mountains, you can end your dependence on alcohol. Whether Antabuse provides the right fit for your recovery or other treatment methods to suit your needs better, AspenRidge Recovery helps you gain a real chance of lasting recovery.

Contact AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood now at (866) 977-8625 for more information and drug rehab insurance verification. You can put your alcohol dependence behind you at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood’s Antabuse treatment center.