Is a Sleeping Pill Addiction Treatment Program in Colorado Really Necessary?

It’s a common misconception that prescription sleep medication is safe. After all, you may have a prescription, so how can it be addictive? Maybe this is how you have always felt, but recently you’ve attempted to stop taking your sleeping medication, but you weren’t able to be successful. This happens to a lot of people, unfortunately. Let’s talk about why that’s the case. Learn more about our sleeping pill addiction treatment program below. With an effective sleeping pill addiction rehab center, you can overcome its abuse safely.

Addiction to Sleep Medication: Rehab in Colorado

Many people don’t realize it, but sleep medication is never meant to be a long-term solution for insomnia. Unfortunately, a lot of people remain on prescription sleeping pills for months or even years, only to find they have an addiction. Sleeping medication changes your brain chemistry so that when you stop taking them, you begin craving them and experiencing other withdrawal symptoms. The best solution to break the cycle of drug addiction is to get help at a sleep medication rehab.

Sleep Medication Rehab in Colorado: Types of Sleeping Meds that are Addictive

Do you know if your sleep medication is addictive? Many of them are. For exmaple, here is a list of some of the most common addictive sleep medications.

  • Sonata (Generic name – Zaleplon)
  • Ambien or Ambien CR (Generic name – Zolpidem)
  • Halcion (Generic name – Triazolam)
  • Lunesta (Generic name – Eszopiclone)
  • Belsomnra (Generic name – Suvorexant)

If you’re taking one of these medications and you’ve been taking it for a long time, chances are pretty good that you’ve formed an addiction. Overall, help is available to help you get off the medication and actually be able to sleep well without it.

Finding a Great Sleep Medication Rehab in Colorado

Here at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, we offer an excellent sleep medication program that can help you get free from your addiction. We include a group therapy approach along with individual counseling sessions to maximize your time and efforts too. Every patient receives an individual treatment plan, so you can be sure your needs will be met. If you’d like more information, please contact us now at 866-977-8625.