Technological advancements have made it easier than ever to access the internet, interact with social networking websites and to communicate with others. Smartphones allow you to talk and communicate with almost anyone in the world on demand. The cost of smartphones has decreased substantially, with basic smartphones as cheap as $40.00 brand new, making them accessible to people of all income brackets. However, the easy accessibility to this device also presents a need for smartphone addiction treatment.

With the increase of smartphone features and reliance on smartphones, some people have become dependent on their smartphones. Although addiction is typically associated with drugs and alcohol, items like smartphones can be addictive. If you find yourself unable to function without your device, you may be suffering from smartphone addiction. Smartphone addiction is a type of behavioral or process addiction, making smartphone addiction treatment essential if you need help overcoming your dependency on your phone.

Smartphone addiction rehab aims to help you learn to live life without relying on your smartphone, which can be difficult. Often, a smartphone addiction treatment program and an internet addiction treatment program in Lakewood, CO, are deployed together, because these process addictions often occur at the same time.

What is Smartphone Addiction?

man participates in a smartphone addiction treatment program in lakewood, colorado

Smartphones, like drugs and sex, can be addictive. Most people are reliant to some degree on their smartphone. However, if you find yourself feeling anxious, lost, confused, or depressed when you don’t have your phone, you may suffer from smartphone addiction.

Likewise, using your smartphone every day doesn’t mean you are dependent upon it. But when you begin needing your smartphone to feel connected with others, you may have an issue. Being unable to meet your obligations without your phone and obsessing about having your smartphone with you at all times are also other signs of addiction.

In addition to feeling extreme anxiety when not having their phone, other signs of smartphone addiction include:

  • Become emotionally distressed when you lose or can’t find your phone
  • Need to constantly check or use your phone, even in inappropriate situations
  • Spend an excessive amount of money on apps or accessories for your phone
  • Checking your phone decreases feelings of anxiety
  • Feeling extreme pleasure when you receive notifications on your smartphone
  • Feeling incomplete when you don’t have your smartphone

Smartphones can be addictive by interacting with your rewards center in your brain. Over time, you associate things like notifications on your smartphone with pleasure. Then, your brain begins associating your smartphone with happiness and euphoria. You can begin to feel a compulsive need to constantly check your phone, hoping that a notification, message, or phone call will result in happiness.

Smartphone Addiction Treatment Programs in Lakewood, CO

If you find yourself struggling to control your smartphone use, reach out for help from a smartphone addiction treatment center. Managing and controlling your smartphone use can be hard without help. Like any other addiction rehab program in Lakewood, CO, smartphone treatment offers you guidance and support you need to accept and manage your addiction. Therapy helps you gain the understanding needed to regain control of your life. You can choose to enter an inpatient or outpatient program. In both, evidence-based treatments teach you to identify triggers, cope with cravings, and develop a plan for the future.

If you are worried about the cost of treatment, working with rehab and obtaining addiction treatment insurance verification before you arrive can alleviate the stress associated with potential co-pays.

Finding Help With Smartphone Addiction Rehab

It can be difficult to navigate a technologically advanced world when you struggle with smartphone addiction. When you can no longer control your smartphone use, reach out to a smartphone addiction treatment program in Lakewood CO. Asking for help is the first step to overcoming your addiction.

In summary, AspenRidge Recovery boasts a highly successful smartphone addiction treatment program. We provide you with the expert care you need to start your recovery journey. To learn more about our nationally recognized addiction treatment programs, call us today at (866) 977-8625.