Process Addiction Treatment Program at AspenRidge

When you think of addiction, your first thought may run to substance abuse to drugs or alcohol. However, addiction can be present in a variety of ways. In today’s society, it’s common to develop an addiction to activities and behaviors, such as shopping, sex, gambling, gaming, social media, and the internet overall. With our process addiction treatment program, we can help you understand your problem and learn techniques to overcome it.

What is a Process Addiction Treatment Program Exactly?

Process Addiction Treatment Program at our Process Addiction Rehab CenterAre you an online shopper who can’t seem to stop spending money you don’t have? Maybe you are visiting a local casino or poker outing more frequently. Possibly neglecting major aspects of your life to play video games throughout the day. These are common problems that many adults face each and every day. However, many of these individuals don’t recognize that they have a problem at all. They usually write it off as a common activity or behavior that is accepted throughout the country.

This is very similar to alcohol addiction. Many people don’t realize they have a problem because alcohol is widely accepted in today’s society. They consider their drinking habits normal, although it may be creating major issues in their life.

During our process addiction treatment program, we will dive into your process addiction and help you understand why you act the way you do. Like most addictions, there is likely an underlying cause that has created this issue. For example, triggers for process addiction commonly include behavioral problems, acceptance issues, social anxiety, insecurities, and much more.

Mental Health and Process Addiction

Your overall mental health may be playing a role in your process addiction. Therefore, we offer a wide range of therapies to help stabilize your mental wellbeing. These therapy services include:

When we locate the triggers and stressors in your life, we can implement new strategies that influence positive change. Therefore, our process addiction treatment program can help you not only overcome your addiction, but also help improve your mental health. Many people don’t recognize how a process addiction can influence or help with the development of a mental illness. On the other hand, depression or anxiety are commonly the root cause of a process addiction issue. People will turn to gaming, gambling, shopping, and more as a way to self-medicate or cope with their anxiety or depression.

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