Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. It’s an opioid painkiller with high addiction potential. There’s a good chance that the drug already hooked you. Here’s what you need to know about undergoing effective Percocet addiction treatment at AspenRidge Recovery.

Who Enrolls in Percocet Addiction Treatment? doctor talks to patient with baby about percocet addiction treatment

AspenRidge Recovery is the intensive outpatient program CO residents trust when a drug hooked them. Percocet is no exception. It’s a pain pill that features an opioid and a secondary drug to boost its effect. Most people slip into dependency even when taking the medication the way the doctor tells them to. 

Usually, it begins with building up a physical tolerance. The Percocet addiction treatment program Lakewood, CO calls for help routinely works with frustrated patients. They didn’t know that tolerance was the precursor to addiction. When they wanted to quit using pain pills, they experienced severe withdrawal symptoms. 

Another group of clients consists of recreational users. They used the medication for the high that opioids offer. However, they’re now facing the same challenges; they can’t quit. 

The Percocet rehab CO locals entrust with their care is the answer. Clients typically enroll in detoxification first. The process helps you manage the withdrawal safely and effectively. Care options include:

What Clinical Percocet Addiction Treatment Looks Like 

When you enter this level of care at AspenRidge Recovery, you will have broken the physical dependency. You no longer wake up to withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, you can now focus on therapeutic interventions. If you still struggle with post-acute withdrawal symptoms, there are medical ways of dealing with the condition.

Therapists collaborate with you on the development of an effective care protocol. Because everyone’s different, your Percocet addiction treatment must be as unique as you are. For example, there are large percentages of clients struggling with a co-occurring condition. This could be a mood disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder. 

For them, dual diagnosis treatment is a necessity. It’s critical to address both conditions concurrently. Failure to do so could result in a lopsided recovery that presents instant triggers for relapse. In contrast, if you don’t have a mood disorder, there’s no point in undergoing this type of treatment. 

Your Percocet addiction treatment will look different. Possible modalities of the Percocet rehab CO residents come to for help include:

Aftercare is an Essential Component of Long-Term Recovery 

Once you graduate from the Percocet addiction treatment program in Lakewood, CO, there’s more to do. Almost all clients benefit from stepping down care to a standard outpatient protocol. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect regularly with therapists and the facility. Frequently, situations crop up that might have you asking for more help.

This is particularly the case when you transition home. Consider that you’ll still be dealing with the same triggers and stressors there. Although you will have new social, life, and coping skills, you might need some additional input on implementation. That’s what aftercare is all about. 

Most clients also attend support group meetings. They combine group encouragement with counseling and accountability. It’s another excellent method for getting and staying on track. Of course, before you can even consider aftercare, you need to enroll in treatment. 

How to Sign up for Treatment Today 

When it’s time for Percocet addiction treatment, caring therapists want to help you make the changes you need. Contact AspenRidge Recovery for assistance with all aspects of recovery. Most importantly, when you call (866) 977-8625 right now, intake advisors conduct an insurance verification to get you started.