How Can Oxy Drug Rehab in Colorado Benefit You?

Oxy, which is also known as OxyContin or Oxycodone, is a dangerous prescription medication that is often prescribed by doctors to control intense pain. While it is very effective, it can also easily be addicting. That’s why many people have realized a need to go to Oxy drug rehab in Colorado. Perhaps you can relate to them and their situations, or you’ve considered an OxyContin addiction treatment program for yourself as well. Overall, you’re in the right place to learn more.

Consider Drug Detox Prior to Oxy Rehab in Colorado

There are some drugs that are more dangerous than others when it comes to stopping them abruptly. Oxy is one of them. Horrific withdrawal can occur, which can include side effects like:

  • Terrible headaches or even migraines
  • Shakiness inside or of your hands
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Seizures, heart issues or stroke
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

Drug detox is usually for those who want to quit taking Oxy because it’s a much safer approach that quitting on your own.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Program in Colorado

Going to a Oxycontin addiction rehab center will allow you to discover what’s at the root of your addiction, and this is different for everyone. You might discover you got addicted to it purely on accident because you were in so much pain that you kept increasing your dose or took it longer than you should have. Or you might find out that the traumatic events of your childhood led to your addiction. Regardless of the reason, Oxycodone rehab will reveal it to you so you can heal and begin your recovery.

Finding the Right OxyContin Rehab in Colorado for You

Here at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, we understand your need to get off Oxy so that you can feel more like yourself again. We would be happy to help you get started with a drug rehab program. Moreover, we will help you find the freedom you’re looking for. For more information, please contact us at 866-977-8625. We look forward to serving you with an effective and high quality Oxycontin addiction treatment program. Fill out our insurance verification form today for immediate assistance.