Morphine is a potent prescription painkiller. Doctors prescribe it within the confines of a hospital for severe pain issues. Unfortunately, recreational drug users on the outside seem to always be able to get their hands on the substance when they want it. That’s a bad thing. Why? Morphine is highly addictive and, therefore, very dangerous in large doses. Without having the benefit of a doctor’s care, morphine users are prone to find trouble, including addiction. When addiction hits, the only viable way the addiction sufferer is going to survive is with morphine addiction treatment at a holistic rehab center in Colorado.

Coming to Grips With Morphine Addictionolder female doctor listens to female patient talk about morphine addiction treatment

Whether someone is using morphine for pain issues or for recreational purposes, they will likely struggle to admit they have an addiction. Even if they admit it, they could face internal or external barriers that will keep them from asking for help. That’s a shame because morphine addiction treatment is what they need.

The reality is treatment is only going to be effective if the client goes all-in on the process. We know this because of the high level of experience we have in our morphine rehab center CO locations. What works best for the client is them coming to grips with the notion they have a disease. If it takes hitting rock bottom, so be it. From the perspective of our morphine addiction treatment program Lakewood, CO therapists, they take clients however they can get them. Still, a willing client is much easier to treat. 

The fact you are reading this information indicates either you or a loved one have a morphine addiction. Somebody needs help in the form of morphine addiction treatment. To lessen the burden, we are going to describe what takes place in our morphine rehab center in CO. Hopefully, this will motivate you to get yourself or your loved one into treatment.

Morphine Addiction Treatment – The Treatment Process

In our morphine addiction treatment program in Lakewood, CO, we set the treatment stage at intake. For example, one of our clinicians will interview incoming clients to get important answers to important questions. Using this information, the clinician will then set forth to prescribe treatment.

Morphine is a no-nonsense opiate. What does that mean? Any attempts to stop using morphine will likely result in some really nasty withdrawal symptoms. It’s our job to make sure the client stays safe while they detox. We do this with a medically-monitored detox program. Under the care of a physician, the client will proceed with the detox process. If things start going south physically, then a doctor could step in and offer relief medications.

After clearing withdrawal, the client will start working with their assigned therapists for morphine addiction treatment. They will be working on finding out the truth about their addiction. The truth usually includes how the addiction started and what gave it continuing life. A key symptom of most addictions is the client’s lack of good coping skills. With the root causes of the addiction as a target, the client can develop better coping skills. These are the skills that will hopefully keep them from facing a lifetime of chronic relapses.

Treatment at AspenRidge Recovery in Lakewood, CO

The proof about how serious we are about helping clients lies in our list of services. We offer everything from our holistic rehab center Colorado services to aftercare and everything in between. One peek at our menu of services will serve as notice we take a very modern approach to addiction treatment. That menu includes:

You cannot sustain your life while battling a morphine addiction. Sooner or later, something really bad is going to happen to you. You can stop the madness by checking into rehab for morphine addiction treatment. In our facility, we can help you with everything from insurance verification to treatment and recovery. What we need from you is for you to contact AspenRidge Recovery at (866) 977-8625 and ask us for our help.