man preparing to begin an mdma addiction treatment program in ColoradoMethylenedioxyphenethylamine, known as MDMA, is the primary ingredient for ecstasy. This psychoactive drug acts as a stimulant and has hallucinogenic effects on a person. Generally, ecstasy comes in tablet form and different colors with star, heart and other logos. Despite its innocuous appearance, taking this drug requires an MDMA addiction treatment program in Colorado to be free of its control. Through a trusted addiction rehab center in Lakewood, Colorado, you can find your way to recovery.

The person taking MDMA may experience intense euphoria and emotional closeness to others. They may also feel uninhibited and be highly sensitive to touch. After four to six hours in this state, the person crashes. They have the exact opposite feelings of tiredness and depression. Eventually, a person needs more MDMA to get the same pleasurable effects.

How MDMA Works in the Brain

Three neurotransmitters in the brain are known to be affected by MDMA: serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Serotonin helps to regulate behaviors such as appetite, sleep, and mood. Excess release of this important neurotransmitter depletes the brain and causes negative psychological conditions.

This can last for several days after taking MDMA. Eventually, low levels of serotonin may cause poor memory and a depressed mood.

Cravings for MDMA starts from its hallucinogenic properties and leads to psychological addictions. Overcoming these compulsions is difficult without a comprehensive addiction therapy program.

What Happens Without an MDMA Addiction Treatment Program?

Finding an addiction treatment program for an MDMA addiction is critical to a person’s overall well-being. Abusing this substance can cause long-term brain damage. The likelihood of this happening increases if a person uses it with other drugs.

The person runs the risk of causing damage to their brain function for emotions, sleep, and learning. Other physical conditions that can occur include cardiorespiratory problems, psychos, degenerative nerve endings and kidney failure.

Importance of an MDMA Addiction Treatment Program in Colorado

The importance of entering an MDMA addiction treatment program cannot be overstated. Being addicted to this molly drug is a serious matter. Heavy drug use and/or a drug overdose all require care from a residential detox program.

Typically, an MDMA treatment facility has a drug detox center program as part of the overall healing process. Detox helps the person recover from the effects of withdrawal once the drug alters natural body processes. The safety of a detox center offers 24-hour medical supervision to ensure the person’s safety.

Psychological and psychiatric care is equally important during this phase of overcoming an MDMA addiction. Struggling with a co-occurring mental health condition has often led to using the drug to self-medicate. Pairing the MDMA with other highly addictive substances increases the need for treatment. This is the only way to have a successful recovery.

What Happens During an MDMA Addiction Treatment Program?

An intake interview begins the rehabilitation process for a person addicted to MDMA. This gives treatment specialists a chance to know the person, including their addiction history. Gathering this information is essential in designing a personalized treatment plan.

Detox is the next phase of treatment. This medically led part is closely monitored by board-certified physicians, physician assistants, and nurses. A person receives medication during detox to make sure cleansing their body does not disturb their health.

After detox, the person continues treatment through specialized therapies. Based on their treatment plan, this may include individual and group therapies. These help the person work through underlying issues that may have led to their decision to abuse drugs. Therapy sessions give the person the tools to resist relapse once they leave the program.

Take the First Step Towards a Fresh Start

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