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Anyone can become a victim of drug addition. At AspenRidge Recovery, we understand that you may be struggling not only with your addiction, but with where to begin looking for help. It’s not an easy task to surrender to your addiction, but one thing you can count on is the staff at AspenRidge. We only employ the best, and we make sure that the people here can help you overcome your fears about entering a drug addiction treatment program.

After we have helped you overcome the initial hurdle—reaching out, we can help you begin your journey to sobriety with one of the many programs we offer for drug rehab in Denver, Colorado. We have helped clients with heroin rehab, meth treatment, and prescription drug treatment among others. Regardless of your addiction issues, we have a program for substance abuse treatment in Denver that can help you.

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How do I begin drug rehab in Denver, Colorado?

Drug treatment in Denver begins with an intake interview. At this appointment, you will be asked several questions about why you feel you need drug rehab in Denver. The counselor will want to know a lot about the history of your drug use, the frequency of your drug use, and most importantly, the type of drugs you abuse. It is crucial that you are 100% honest with the counselor during this process. The information that you disclose here will go no further than the wall in which you disclose it, but it is vital to your placement. The intake specialist must be sure to place you in the appropriate track for drug and alcohol treatment in Denver, Colorado, so obtaining the pertinent information is imperative.

AspenRidge Recovery offers both long term recovery programs as well as residential treatment programs for clients seeking inpatient treatment in Denver.

What are the different types of drug detox in Denver?

The level of care to which you are assigned will be determined based on the substances you abuse and the length of time that you abused them. Some drugs can be very dangerous to detox from; therefore, clients who abuse these types of drugs will have to immediately begin a program for drug detox in Denver. During this course of drug treatment in Denver, you will experience withdrawal symptoms while your body purges the harmful substances that have been living in it.

Completing a program from drug detox in Denver does not constitute recovery. After clients finish their drug detox in Denver, they can then begin a recovery program. AspenRidge Recovery offers both long term recovery programs as well as residential treatment programs.

Is your program for long term drug rehab in Denver, Colorado, right for me?

Drug addiction treatment program at our drug addiction rehab centerClients can also be assigned to long term recovery while enrolled in our program for substance abuse treatment in Denver. This is a program that offers inpatient treatment in Denver. During LTR or extended recovery, clients will stay in our program for addiction treatment in Denver, Colorado, for 90 days. These programs require a large commitment from clients. Moreover, they are often used as an option for those who have suffered several relapses.

They can help clients who are suffering from addiction to heroin, meth, opiates, and prescription drugs. In fact, our long term recovery programs for heroin rehab in Denver, Colorado, have seen patients go on to lead extremely happy and healthy lives. If you feel you need an extended recovery stay in one of our programs for drug rehab in Denver, contact AspenRidge Recovery today, and we can help you determine if what we have to offer is right for you.

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Does AspenRidge offer residential treatment programs for drug addiction treatment?

After a program for drug detox in Denver, clients often begin to feel better, so they are able to focus their energy on committing to recovery. This commitment can be a great asset to those who are enrolled in a program for residential drug treatment in Denver. During this type of drug rehab in Denver, clients begin to partake in both group and individual counseling sessions. The goal is to get to the root of their addiction issues. Therefore, they may begin to deal with the underlying problems. When clients learn the real root of their addiction issues, they are much more successful at achieving lifetime sobriety.

Group therapy approaches to recovery have done wonders for many clients.

Can I attend group therapy in your drug addiction treatment program?

Group therapy approaches to recovery have done wonders for many clients. A 12-step recovery program in Denver is a great way to maintain sobriety. AA and NA are both 12-step programs that clients can participate in at AspenRidge Recovery. These programs focus on a higher power guiding clients on a path of restitution and healing. The programs have been a staple part of many recovery programs, and they have an extremely high success rate. Clients who learn to work the 12-steps often times go on to do way more than recovery. They go on to serve as sponsors for others in need of recovery.

Will your drug addiction treatment program help me stay clean?

Nothing can keep you sober except you; however, the programs at AspenRidge Recovery will certainly set you up for success. If you take the skills you learn while you are enrolled in one of AspenRidge Recovery’s programs for drug and alcohol detox in Denver, Colorado, you will drastically increase your chances of maintaining your sobriety.

You have to accept to the fact that you are a person who suffers from the disease of addiction. Because you suffer from this disease, you cannot drink alcohol or take drugs. Otherwise, you will end up right back where you started before drug treatment. If you keep this in mind, and if you use the coping skills you learned from our counselor and staff, you can go on to live a happy, healthy, and productive life. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we can help you begin your journey to recovery.

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