How horrible would it be to have an addiction to a pain medication you need? This is something far too many Americans are experiencing with painkillers their doctor prescribed. After factoring in the abuse of painkillers by recreational drug users, then it’s understandable why the US faces an opiate crisis. Among the many opiates people can abuse, codeine is a favorite. For the most part, the drug is easy to access by prescription or on the streets. Of course, with numbers of people becoming addicted, the codeine addiction treatment business and prescription drug addiction treatment in CO are thriving. However, that’s not a good thing.

The Purpose of Codeine Addiction Treatmentfemale doctor talks to older patient about codeine addiction treatment

Most, if not all, codeine addiction sufferers will eventually come face-to-face with a crucial decision. They can either stop using and get help or face increasing troubles in their lives. For those people who have difficulty deciding if they need help, it might be they don’t realize they have an addiction. To help, here are a few signs of codeine abuse:

  • Ever-increasing usage, both frequency and amount
  • Increase in anxiety or depression
  • Inability to handle personal responsibilities
  • Relationship issues at home and work
  • Financial problems 
  • Doctor shopping for multiple prescriptions
  • Illegal activities to purchase codeine off the streets

These are many of the signs people have been exhibiting when they enter our codeine rehab center in CO. The purpose of codeine addiction treatment should be clear. It’s the responsibility of drug rehab to help people remove their desire to abuse prescription and illicit substances. For what it’s worth, our codeine addiction treatment program in Lakewood, CO, strives to do just that.

The Codeine Addiction Treatment Process

While the methodologies may differ, the codeine addiction treatment process is similar across most rehab facilities. In our codeine rehab center in CO, we focus on two things: getting the client through withdrawal as well as setting them firmly on the road to recovery through intensive therapies.

The detox process is critical to the client’s progress in treatment. Given the inherent dangers that come from codeine withdrawal symptoms, the client needs some level of protection. We can provide that protection from within in our in-house detox programs. At all times, our medical staff will also monitor the client’s progress. While medical intervention is not preferable, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

Once clients are safely past their craving and withdrawal, they usually experience a level of clarity. This clarity allows them to openly address the root causes of their addiction. It’s a very important learning process. If the client understands the source of their addiction, then they can develop the coping skills they need to fight back. With the right coping skills, the client stands a great chance of staying clean for the duration of their life. For this reason, we’ve seen our codeine addiction treatment program in Lakewood, CO, become a success.

AspenRidge Recovery’s Charter

Our charter is very clear. With all the resources we can muster, we strive to deliver each client into the promised land of recovery. It’s not an easy process, and it, therefore, requires hard work on the part of the client and our therapists. However, with that said, good results make all the effort worth it. For a better understanding of how we do what we do, check out our treatment services:

If you have an addiction to codeine, you’ll likely struggle to get past it on your own. You need to spend time in codeine addiction treatment. We can help you in our addiction treatment facility if you contact AspenRidge Recovery at (866) 977-8625. From insurance verification to aftercare, we’ll have your back and take you through the entire addiction treatment program.