Ambien contains zolpidem, which is a sedative with hypnotic properties. Doctors may prescribe it for insomnia as well as jet lag. However, the medication also has a dark side. Maybe you’re in a position where you’re needing Ambien addiction treatment right now. 

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AspenRidge Recovery offers the sleeping pill addiction treatment CO counts on. You might have started taking the medication to fall asleep. But you liked the way it made you feel. Relaxation right out of a bottle is tempting.

Now, you wonder if you need Ambien addiction treatment. You thought everything was fine when you didn’t take the medication one day. However, withdrawal symptoms began on day two. You suddenly experienced a craving for the drug. 

Mood swings make it difficult to function. Some people report panic attacks and rapid heartbeats. Besides that, insomnia becomes a problem again. You don’t know what is worse, the tiredness or the depression. 

Ambien addiction treatment program specialists tell you that this is a normal reaction to quitting the meds. You’re not so sure that you can keep going. Therefore, therapists at AspenRidge Recovery suggest undergoing monitored medical detox. Because it’s possible to experience seizures, you need specialists to be on hand.

Moreover, medication-assisted treatment can help with the worst of the Ambien withdrawal symptoms. 

How Ambien Addiction Treatment Gets You off the Medication 

The hypnotic quality of the drug can make it difficult to quit. The higher the dose that you used to take the more it entangles you in dependency. Therefore, enrolling in the Ambien rehab CO trusts is your best option. One of the significant treatment approaches is group therapy.

Process group therapy helps you talk through quitting the drug. Because it can be difficult, you learn from others how they’re doing it. Besides that, these groups explore how to structure your day without the drugs. It’s an excellent opportunity to work with peers who’re also in recovery. 

Most importantly, you learn about the mechanics of addiction. How does a sleeping pill addiction work? Similarly, how can you quit for good?

Other Ambien addiction treatment approaches include:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Assists with Depression and Anxiety 

The Ambien rehab CO residents enroll in has to deal with co-occurring conditions. Sleeping pills can make anxiety or depression worse. In some cases, they bring on these conditions. Above all, dual diagnosis treatment helps you learn how to manage them.

In some cases, this may include the use of medications. Talk therapy can also be instrumental in lessening the impact that these conditions have on you. If you do present with co-occurring conditions, it may be necessary to factor them into an aftercare protocol. Some clients continue taking medications to prevent anxiety or depression from becoming a trigger for Ambien abuse. 

Trauma Care as Part of Ambien Addiction Treatment 

AspenRidge Recovery specialists understand that your insomnia might have roots in traumatic situations. You may have intrusive memories or unwelcome emotions. They’re particularly strong at night. That’s why you might have visited your doctor for a sleeping pill prescription in the first place.

By reprocessing the event with the help of therapists, you can remove many of the triggers that plague you. Therefore, you better your odds of enjoying a good night’s sleep without drugs. Most importantly, it could prevent you from needing to use sleep aids in the future. It’s fair to say that trauma informed care could prevent relapse. 

Enroll in Treatment Today 

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