Whether you suffer mental health problems alone or these problems with addiction, trauma informed care possibly provides greater hope for healing. Trauma often leads to substance abuse and even takes place during that use of drugs or alcohol. So whether you suffered your trauma before you started numbing your feelings or after, freeing yourself from the effects of that trauma helps you build a happier, healthier life. This treatment takes place in a Colorado trauma informed recovery center like AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood.

If you fear talking about your trauma in a drug detox center or rehab trauma therapy program in Lakewood, CO, set these fears aside. Do what is best for you and take the next step into the treatment you need. At AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, you gain the understanding you need through trauma informed care. This understanding comes from your peers in recovery and your treatment providers.

Programs of AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood include:Woman wonders what is trauma informed care in Lakewood, CO, like?

What is Trauma Informed Care Exactly?

Trauma is your natural response to a threat to your safety or feeling overwhelmed. What causes trauma symptoms in one person may not affect another at all. Our individual gauges for trauma response vary from person-to-person.

For example, some traumatic events include:

  • Divorce or separation from a caregiver
  • Death of a loved one
  • Abuse or molestation
  • Disease or hospital treatment
  • Injury or criminal victimization
  • Witnessing an accident or violence

Trauma can happen anytime and anywhere. Because it is such an individualized occurrence, your perception of having been traumatized and the resulting symptoms matter most. Trauma informed care recognizes your trauma and helps you find healing.

Importance of Trauma Informed Care in Lakewood, CO

Being in trauma informed treatment is important if you suffer addiction with or without other mental health problems. In fact, many people abusing drugs or alcohol do not even realize their own past with trauma. They simply use their substances to feel less anxious, free them from depression, and cope with daily life. Moreover, these reasons for substance abuse actually point to trauma in many people.

When you suffer traumatic events, your mind and body go into a sort of overdrive to cope with the experiences. This changes almost every facet of your being and everyday life without trauma informed care. Post-trauma changes relate to our survival instincts of “fight or flight.” While we no longer need many of those instinctive responses to difficult situations, our mind and body take over to keep us safe.

Symptoms of trauma include depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, social problems, anger, aggression, mood swings, weight changes, risky behaviors, and problems at work. People also experience a greater frequency of adult disease, disability, high medical costs, and chronic health problems. Common diseases affected by traumatic history include liver disease, obstructive heart disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer. Your symptoms also put you at higher risk for suicide, hallucinations, drug abuse, and victimization through abuse or assault.

Through trauma informed addiction treatment, your therapies address your specific needs for true recovery. You learn about your trauma and how to cope with your memories, experiences, and stress. This helps you reduce your health and behavioral risks for the future. It also helps you free yourself from the problems that led you into addiction, in the first place.

Trauma Therapy and Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, CO

In Lakewood, CO, you receive the trauma therapy and other treatments you need for healthy recovery at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood. This trauma informed care helps you put the damages you suffered behind you with real hope for a stable and happy future. While you always remember the bad events, you learn to cope with them and see them differently at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood now at 8669778625 for more information and insurance verification.