Before you enter treatment, it’s important to take a rehab center tour of the facility. At AspenRidge Lakewood, we look forward to your first visit with us. Moreover, take a virtual tour of our facility today. Check out the images below and learn more about our addiction treatment staff, programs, and therapies.

Locations and More

AspenRidge Recovery is proud to have multiple locations throughout Colorado. With AspenRidge Lakewood and Fort Collins, we offer a wide range of therapy services and drug detox options. Specifically, drug and alcohol detox are only available at our Lakewood location currently.

These Colorado locations give you the flexibility you need to receive treatment close to home. We cover all major areas across the state, including Denver and Boulder. With our rehab center tour, you can take a closer look at our facility, the group areas, and the scenery. In fact, our team takes pride in providing an inviting atmosphere that gives you confidence and serenity in rehab. Without complete commitment and focus, you won’t be able to find lifelong recovery in general. This is why the environment plays such an important role overall in your recovery journey.

Along with our therapies, such as neurofeedback, you can completely regain control of your mind, body, and spirit. Your goals are our goals as we work together to make daily improvements. With a unique and personal treatment plan, you can focus on your specific needs and concerns.

Comfort and Safety: Take Our Rehab Center Tour Today

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood. Therefore, we have put together an environment which promotes recovery without any outside distractions, triggers, and stressors. Without comfort and safety, you won’t be able to completely focus on your treatment and the journey ahead.

By touring our facility, you can learn more about the supportive environment that we provide for our guests. Moreover, this is a great time to get familiar with our staff and team of specialists. By building this trust early-on, we can develop a more positive recovery plan going forward.

For more information about our addiction rehab protocols, take the rehab center tour today. Contact AspenRidge Recovery at 866-977-8625 for more information about rehab insurance verification and the admissions process.