AspenRidge Recovery in Lakewood, Colorado, understands your journey through substance abuse and addiction. This understanding enables the development of your own individualized treatment plan. That plan then provides a clear path from addiction to the life you truly desire, free of drugs and alcohol. It is through the continuum of care at AspenRidge that your new life unfolds, which is provided at multiple levels and for your changing needs.

AspenRidge Recovery’s continuum of care in Lakewood, CO, starts at our trusted and highly accredited drug and alcohol detox center in Colorado But the steps that take you into detox and rehab play an equally important role in your recovery. These pre-detox steps include simple insurance verification and AspenRidge Recovery’s free addiction assessment. These help treatment professionals create your unique treatment plan for your safest and most complete start to your new life. 

Role of a Continuum of Care in Your Recoverytwo doctors look at clipboards and discuss the continuum of care

In many ways, your sustainable, lifelong recovery relies on receiving a complete continuum of care. For example, this ongoing support and treatment must include:

If you do not receive the continuum of care with each of these levels and services, then you risk relapse. Support for your recovery must start with support around you as you consider getting clean, then continued support available to you throughout your lifetime. This is the model of AspenRidge Recovery’s continuum of care in Lakewood, CO.

How Rehab Programs Fit into the Continuum of Care

Rehab treatment is not a one-size-fits-all prospect. You do not live the same life, experiences, or addiction as anyone else. In your unique life journey before, during, and after addiction, you need your individual needs met. Having access to multiple levels of rehab treatment helps your counselors meet your needs, whether your journey to lasting sobriety takes hold on a short path or you need additional support before finding your own complete recovery.

Rehab treatment levels, also called levels of care, provide the setting and degree of intensity you need according to your treatment plan. At AspenRidge Recovery, these levels of care include:

Your insurance company has a voice in which level of care best suits your needs since they help you pay for recovery. Their decision comes from your addiction assessment, one provided before you enter AspenRidge Recovery treatment. Insurance companies use your medical needs reflected by this assessment in financially supporting your program. For answers to which programs your insurance policy supports, simply contact AspenRidge Recovery for insurance verification.

Some people need only one program as part of their treatment plan. Others need two or three levels of care, such as through extended care 90-day treatment with a transition into an outpatient program. This mapping of your journey to recovery depends on the degree of your addiction, substances used, family history with drugs or alcohol, co-occurring mental health problems, and other individual aspects.

Aftercare and Alumni Programs Prove Essential

In rehab treatment, you feel accustomed to having excellent support around you. This support helps you get through difficult times and celebrate your successes. When you have problems or questions, your rehab counselors provide the individualized attention you need. In rehab, you also go through an array of therapies necessary for a strong recovery.

When your rehab treatment program ends, what then? Do you go back home where you experience daily triggers and temptations, to navigate these alone? 

When you have access to aftercare and alumni programs through your rehab, you never feel alone after treatment. You maintain access to the people, therapies, and support you need, especially when you need them most. 

Aftercare provides connections in your community. These connections help you flourish in new sobriety, not leaving you lost in your new life and sudden isolation from negative influences of your past. Alumni programs do the same, keeping you connected to AspenRidge Recovery through events and activities with faces you recognize.

Building Your Own Continuum of Care

Contact AspenRidge Recovery in Lakewood, CO, now at (866) 977-8625 to learn more about the continuum of care you need for sustainable, fulfilling recovery. You deserve a better life, and AspenRidge Recovery’s programs get you there. Call now for insurance verification, a free addiction assessment, and to start building a better life.