Learn More About AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

Learn more about AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood overall.Colorado’s Premier Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center

At AspenRidge, addiction and alcoholism are treated with the Twelve Step program along with various mental health and trauma therapies. We recognize that family and community systems are impacted by addiction, and aim to treat these peripheral issues as well. Learn more about AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood and our effective treatment options today.

Our Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Program in Colorado includes:

  • Beautiful, safe, and clean sober living homes
  • Weekly fun activities such as movies, group sports, winter activities, and game nights
  • Other activities include hiking, team building outings, and day trips
  • Daily 12 Step meetings, book studies, and attendance at recovery events and 12 Step conferences
  • 30 hours of therapy a week, such as individual and group treatment
  • AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood uses a variety of assessment and intervention tools to determine a client’s needs from the beginning to the end of their treatment experience, including process group therapy, psycho-educational groups, 12 Step recovery, trauma, anxiety, depression, sex and love addiction, sex and sexuality, spirituality, self-esteem, communication, family systems, life skills, nutrition, physical health, social justice, self-determination and more.

Mission Statement

At AspenRidge, we cultivate a thriving and nurturing community to empower those in our care to achieve self-determination and emotional clarity. This is all possible through a combination of evidence-based and holistic modalities.

We provide each individual who enters our care a personal, unique treatment plan that addresses their specific needs. Each person has a different experience with addiction. Therefore, the personalized treatment plan is the best way to approach your recovery journey.

Value Statement

AspenRidge embodies an approach where addiction and alcoholism are treated with the Twelve Steps in tandem with various mental health and trauma therapies. Additionally, we recognize that your family and community system may also suffer, so we aim to treat peripheral issues in conjunction with the client’s immediate needs.

Joint Commission Accreditation

AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood is accredited by the Joint Commission, one of the highest honors bestowed upon a drug and alcohol recovery facility. This accreditation ensures that we hold the highest standards of treatment. This is also a recognition of our dedication to continually learning and training our staff. With each positive outcome, we continue to learn more about the process of recovery.

Are you currently struggling with an addiction or substance abuse in your life? Has it become difficult to overcome on your own at home? If so, AspenRidge Lakewood can give you a chance at a total recovery and lifelong sobriety. Learn more about AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood today. Contact us now at 866-977-8625.